Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To the Ends of the Earth & Back

Upon my mother's recommendation, I searched out a documentary about a boy with autism and his family's journey to Mongolia in search of a miracle, titled "The Horse Boy." I seem to gravitate towards movies and documentaries that show the reality of life. There are not necessarily always happy endings, there are no sugar coated story lines, make-up and glamour. Real life, real people, real stories. The pain is evident, their hope jumping out of words and into your heart. I don't ever want to become numb to pain, mine or anyone else's. It is those feelings that drive our hearts, and move us to help one another. We're all struggling for a better tomorrow for the ones we love.

"How far would you go to heal the one you love?"
For almost all of us the answer would be to the ends of the earth and back.

We've been so blessed that there are so many of you out there that are helping us do just that. You're helping us give Noah all that we can. You're sending him daily prayers, kind words of encouragement in his guestbook entries, and helping us find a way to continue on with Noah's therapy and medical needs. God has rallied the most amazing village for us. All of you that care so deeply about this little blue-eyed boy with a smile that lights up the sky. The outpouring of love is overwhelming and beyond anything I ever imagined was possible in the hearts of so many.

Our wonderful friends at The Blue Canyon Grill and Brigitte from Premier Designs Jewelry, have worked so hard on this fundraiser for little Noah. They've generated all the flyers, pamphlets and jewelry books on his behalf. They are working so hard to make this event a success for Noah. The owner will occasionally send me updates, and I can't help but get all teary. I have this soft spot in my heart knowing that none of this is possible without all of you. Your love, support, prayers and help have helped get Noah this far. It's one of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed in my entire life.

The Blue Canyon Grill is open from 11am to 2am, so for all of you that like the night hours, please feel free come by for a late night game of pool or drinks. They will be donating 20 percent proceeds for the entire day, including the late night hours. Jewelry starts at 6pm for display and purchase.

The Blue Canyon Grill
1224 Washington Avenue
Golden, CO 80401
(303) 271-0730
Thursday, August 26th from 11am-2am
6pm Premier Designs Jewlery

Thank you to each and everyone one of you. Your prayers alone fuel us, so please don't feel badly if you're unable to attend or give us anything but your kind words and prayers. That in itself is more than we could ever ask for. All of you that continue to hope and pray for Noah, God bless you always from the bottom of our hearts.

With more love than you can image,