Friday, September 24, 2010

Angels are Still There

Last night I met Brigitte, with Premier Designs Jewelry for a quick cup of coffee before Noah's scheduled bath-time. She wanted to give me the proceeds from the sale for Noah, and gifted me with 3 beautiful crosses, one with Noah's birthstone, and a ring that said "hope." It was such a quick little get together, but it was so nice.

As I drove home under the bright light of the full moon, I thanked God for Brigitte, for Tedd and Jolynn at the Blue Canyon, for every single person out there that has helped us or wanted to help us but couldn't, for those that have prayed for us and loved us. Minutes after I had finished my mini-thank you to God for all the incredible people he has brought into our lives, my car was struck from the front and side by a driver that had run a light. I did not see the car, but felt a terrible impact. The car grinded with a horrible noise instantly, and my body felt surges of pain like lightening in different parts of my body. But God sent angels, I could move everything, I could talk. The first paramedic to my car talked to me through my passenger side window. I think he probably asked if I was okay, but my response was I have a special needs son I need to get home to. I remember him saying he understood he had a special child too, but said that he would make sure that family got word so they could take care of him.

I looked at that hand crochet three-dimensional snowflake my mother made for me that hung by my rear view mirror when I turned sixteen and was able to drive. A mother's heart made in a lucky-charm designed for protection. The corners are starting to crumble after all these years, but it has remained a symbol of my mother's requested safety in all my years of travel. I looked down at the crosses that Brigitte had just given me, asking anyone that would listen that they please don't take the car before getting them out. I made sure that the metals of all the saints that were given to me after Noah's birth that I carry with me came. All these objects designed to make us feel like we are protected by ultimate love from all of those around us. I'm glad I was able to thank God before the accident, so he knew in my heart how genuine and appreciative that I was that he has sent so many people to help Noah. And I remain thankful that he allowed me to be able to come home to my little Noah and family.

The entire rescue team, paramedics, police that first responded, nurses, technicians and doctors were all incredible. They all took really good care of me, and were so kind and reassuring. I should heal in the days to come. The police department notified Chris that we'll need to replace Noah's car seat as once a car has been in an accident, the car seat is no longer safe. Please continue to pray for our family as we approach yet another challenging time in our lives with the loss of my car and dealing with insurance companies.


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