Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Digging in the Dirt

Noah had his second to last sensory class yesterday. He did pretty well for the most part, except that sensory gag reflex was in full force. He just gags when he's overwhelmed. And the class just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I couldn't detect much wrong with additional one that came yesterday. She was speaking multiple languages, running around and looked absolutely perfect at age two. A far cry from my little Noah that can't sit independently and can't utter a word. The daddy that brought this little girl seemed to be almost flaunting how wonderful his little gifted prodigy was. I'm not sure if the other parents felt it or not, but I did. I don't think he even took the time to really look around to see what the rest of us were facing. He had his blinders on. But you can't open everyone's eyes. Not everyone is going to care about your difficult plight. Not everyone is going to see Noah as a "person." I do really wish though that all these parents that are so desperate for their children to read at nine months old and walk by six months, would realize that your child doesn't have to be the best and the brightest. Can't you just let them be what they're to be without placing this gifted and talented perfection syndrome on them? I can't imagine that is really a turn on even for parents with other typically developing children. My little Susie is brighter and better than your Johnny? What is that teaching our kids?

Noah and I are looking forward to pool therapy this week, we hear the pool got a tune up and is extra warm this week. The warmer it is the better Noah does. I have spring fever, and am anxious to plant Noah a special garden that I have all planned out in my head. I ordered him some organic seeds from a local nursery that were really reasonable, and hope to add them to the Vitamix to make him some yummy homegrown food during the summer months. It's really funny that it took me until my middle twenties to realize that Jello was not FDA approved and made from crushed bones, and until my early thirties before realizing that non-organic seeds were treated with formaldehyde, fungicides and disinfectants. All the things they just don't tell you...

I really wish I had a bigger yard, I have the planting bug in a big way all of a sudden, I want to grow apple trees, a weeping peach... the list is really endless. But there really isn't room for all these plants in our tiny yard. So a little garden for Noah will have to work. I already have a little garden with miscellaneous things that I call the "Victory Garden", maybe I'll call Noah's companion garden the "Miracle Garden." It sounds rather sweet, and completely Noah. Hopefully Chris will help me with this project that I have stewing in my thoughts on a warm March weekend. He thinks I was kidding when I mentioned it the other night, but little does he know I'm quite serious about this little garden! Noah can help and get his hands all dirty, play in it with his feet. It will be all his. Better than a sandbox that he can't play in I think. We'll watch things grow slowly together. Maybe I can even help him pull his very first carrot out of the ground.

"You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt."
~Author Unknown


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