Saturday, December 24, 2011

Noah's 3rd Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Noah!

Noah's Birthday Smiles

Noah's Balloons

Noah's Sesame Street Wall

Noah's 3rd Birthday Cake

Noah had a beautiful birthday. He squealed with excitement over his balloons and amazing birthday cake. His cake was provided by a foundation called Icing Smiles who bakes cakes for families with children that have medical needs or special needs. A sweet lady named Shannon, made his cake - a Sesame Street theme. It was the most gorgeous cake ever. She delivered it to our home, and it was truly a gift in so many ways. What an amazing loving person it takes to donate their time and talent to touch the heart of another human being. Noah loved his cake. Shannon made it extra special with no artificial dyes in the cake, and gluten free cookies. Noah was able to eat the center because it was a vanilla custard. She thought of everything and it made for the perfect 3rd birthday.

Chris helped Noah unwrap all of his gifts. He made attempts to help, swatting at the paper - so eager to try. Sometime it makes me twinge when I see him trying so hard to do something that he just can't do, but I try to flip that switch in my brain that says, at least he is still here, be thankful... be thankful that you get to even see him try. The day was emotional for me, but in really beautiful ways. My sweet neighbor brought Noah a card, another special needs grandmother that we've connected with over the years made a special delivery and got him the cutest pop-out book that Noah thinks is awesome, tons of birthday wishes poured in for Noah in emails and guestbook entries, each one of them so touching that I probably cried a thousand times over - even a birthday wish from the photographer who took what we thought would be his last pictures when we took him off life support. Tugs at my heartstrings. And I save everything for Noah, documenting it, so one day he'll know how loved and prayed for he is from so many around the world. His hope chest just grows each birthday, with cards and love.

Even though it was just us for Noah's birthday party, you all came in spirit, we couldn't ask for more. We have been blessed. Although this journey is tremendously hard at times, and I ache daily for what Noah cannot do, it is such a gift that we celebrate him three years later when the odds were against him. So many of you have been with us from the beginning, continuing to pray with each passing day for a little boy named Noah.


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