Sunday, November 13, 2016

Feeling the Feejays!

As a special needs parent, I occasionally hunt for items that I wish existed.  In my mind I dream up the perfect item that would solve all of Noah's problems.  And sometimes I get lucky and find that it does in fact exist.  It's not a surprise that Noah isn't fond of wearing typical shoes.  While he can tolerate Piedro orthopedic shoes (quoted at nearly $500) while he is using gait trainers and standers, he has difficulties loving shoes while we're out in public.  Winter is coming.  Slippers fall right off of his skinny, small feet.  Socks alone are too thin to keep him toasty, and wool ones make him crazy

I think I was googling Sherpa lining... when I stumbled on Feejays.  Yes, internet searches, while overly time consuming in a special needs parent's day, can prove to be worth while -

Feejays are sweatpants with super cozy, ultra plush, sherpa fabric lined feet!  The feet can also be pulled back if you'd like to set your little toes free and put on shoes to cruise outside.  For children with special needs who aren't a fan of shoes, or like Noah who also have difficulties regulating body temperature and need extra warm clothing Feejays are a must! 

I have been so impressed with them.  They wash and dry beautifully and maintain their softness.  In fact, I'm so envious of Noah's comfort in Feejays that I want a pair for each of us!  I envision us all lounging together in our Feejays sipping hot chocolate as we watch the snow fall this winter.

Feejays would make an excellent Christmas gift.  Feejays has extended an amazing offer to all of Noah's Miracle readers by offering a discount code through December 10th.  Just use "SMILE", as the discount code at checkout and it will provide 15% off your entire order! 

This is one item you'll be super excited about having under the Christmas tree this year. 
It is one of those gifts that is perfect for everyone.  I can't wait to grow Noah's collection of Feejays!

To place your order click here!


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