Saturday, December 31, 2016

All I Wanted For Christmas

If you asked Noah, this year it would ring true that all he wanted was his two front teeth.   Seven was the year of six teeth that all were lost in a very short amount of time.  Our score was 5 of 6.  There was one tooth despite our best efforts that was never recovered.  Three of Noah's adult teeth came in very fast - like almost overnight he had new teeth.  The other three oddly have been missing for months.  In true special needs mom style, the Internet became my source of reassurance.  I quickly Googled how long it takes adult teeth to come in, as I perhaps was growing more impatient than Noah.

I was relieved to read that it can often take up to six months for adult teeth to sprout.  Although I should already know better that everything including Noah's teeth happen in "Noah Time."  Christmas morning Noah's three missing little teeth peaked through his gums all at the same time.  Kind of fitting for my Christmas time child.
This was probably the leanest gift giving Christmas that we've given the boys, but neither seemed to notice the quantity of presents to open.  I'm really blessed that the boys don't measure their worth up against other children who are fortunate to be gifted with high end toys, and dozens of gifts from Santa - I suppose that is one of the benefits to homeschooling there is no comparison or competition of other children in relation to themselves.  I didn't even have to worry about either boy even knowing what a Hatchimal was and worried if their peers got one and they didn't.  They are so easy to please, and I love that they light up with small treasures.  I'm really lucky that life hasn't told them that they aren't enough or that you're lesser because there are only a few gifts.  I think we pulled off what the heart of Christmas is about with what was within our means to provide.
Noah and Luke had a Christmas sprinkled with lots of magic.  Santa's visit certainly was a highlight.  Each year Noah get more proficient with unwrapping gifts.  It's all of his coloring book shredding that has really helped.  Although it seems like a messy activity for me to pick up endless little pieces of paper off the floor, it's really a fantastic therapy exercise for Noah and is making him work really hard at using his hands.   Therapy comes in all forms - including a child's way of play.
Noah seems most excited about his season four and five of Night Court DVD's and his adapted switch Monkey from Santa's Little Hackers.  Luke's was his five dollar sled I found on clearance and a giant orca whale that he made as his sled team.  He also like to lay on his new quilt from The Butterfly Fund.  It's amazing how much both of the boys love their homemade quilts.  I kind of figured their novelty would wear off quickly but Luke carries his around and snuggles with his and Noah's is always close by.  Just goes to show you the best gifts are the ones that come with the most love.
Christmas as always just files by in blink of an eye and becomes a memory that you file in your heart and mind.

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love." -Hamilton Wright Mabie


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