Friday, April 13, 2012

Noah's Easter Weekend

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Noah Easter Morning
Noah Spinning his Egg
Noah had a good Easter. It was the first year I attempted naturally dyed eggs and they turned out rather well. By far my favorite was the vibrant blue from the purple cabbage. We of course brought out the spin-a-egg gadget for Noah that we got him last year so that he could spin an artifical egg round and round. He had fun attempting to push and spin his little egg.

Of course Easter weekend came with its share of busy work. We are still heavily on SSI's radar. In addition to the SSI overpayment they sent, shortly thereafter we received paperwork informing us that yes, yet again, they are lowering Noah's monthly payment. After they told us to quit reporting Chris' income because it was too much for them to handle each month and that they would just audit us yearly. So without reporting his wages, SSI has implemented their telepathic capabilities to figure that they really owe Noah less... I cannot figure out this agency for the life of me. So I spent parts of Easter filling out appeals and requests for informal conferences for what feels like the one-hundreth time. I should be an expert by now, yet it still takes up way too much of my time. And of course like all the other paperwork I've filled out - I expect I will never hear back from them. After all they aren't obligated to respond or mail you paperwork with the status of any of these appeals.

The Easter bunny brought Noah some new DVD's to watch: Snow Buddies, Air Buddies and Treasure Buddies. We were hoping to introduce Noah to what Golden Retrievers look like so he'll be excited about the arrival of his service dog. We weren't confident that he'd watch them as usually he screams and protests anything on TV other than Elmo, but he adored Snow Buddies from the second it started playing and now he seems to get very upset when we try to put anything Elmo related on. Just wants to watch his Buddy movies over and over. Thank goodness these Diseny movies have a continuous play option. Noah of course has his favorite spots, particuallry the Buddah dog doing his Yoga poses and "Ummm" sounds. He also thinks that Mud-bud is the funniest thing when he rolls in the mud. It's so nice to see Noah growing and his interests changing. This is what would happen to any child his age, they just grow into different interests. Noah is no exception to that.

We have a long way to go in fundraising for Noah's Service Dog. We are are so grateful for all the support and prayers that have come our way.

To Help Noah:
Noelle's Dogs Four Hope
15954 Jackson Creek Parkway, Suite B, PMB #453
Monument, CO 80132
WITH: PAYMENT FOR NOAH WARDEN indicated on your donation


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