Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Exploring Belfast: Leprechaun Coins!

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There was a break in the rain and we decided to explore our surroundings.  We loaded up the boys and just a picked a direction to walk in.  The moment we stepped out Chris found money on the ground.  We both laughed and agreed Leprechauns do exist, we found our little pot of gold right there on the street.  We collected a whopping thirty-six pence.  We both promised we wouldn't spend it.  It was our luck.  And we were going to bring it home and pray it brought us blessings.
The Luck we Found in Ireland!

We passed a variety of little street corner shops, the capital, and the Titanic Memorial.  We even made it all the way to the river.  What a peaceful and majestic river.  You know the kind that you only see in paintings that you wish you could experience.  And I had the opportunity to breathe in that moment.  To feel it, to absorb it through my soul.   Noah loved being out and people openly spoke to him and admired how cute both boys were in the wheelchair and tag along tandem chair we attached to the back for Luke to ride jointly.  It was a bit chilly and we forgot to pack a blanket for Noah's legs so we hunted out a little gift shop where we bought him a shamrock blanket to keep him warm.  It became his trademark while we were there.  The little boy in the red wheelchair with the shamrock blanket - that was our Noah.
Noah and his Shamrock Blanket
The River

The shops are quaint and friendly.   Chris and I agreed we would allow each other to splurge and buy one thing for the each of us to bring back.  I picked a pair of really cute size 4 boots with sequins, Chris being the conservative father that he is refused to spend much on himself and bought a simple shot glass.  Classic of his personality and wanting to reserve all his pennies for his family.  I knew he was wanting to give extra to the boys so he bought them each a teddy bear from Ireland.  We bought Noah a titanic shirt and Luke chose himself a little backpack.  Our mini treasures.
Out little souvenirs from Ireland

We explored the little corner stores that they had, which were fairly typical of what you might find in the States at a gas station store.  Your essentials, and things to drink, and of course all things Cadbury.  I was in awe of how many daily papers were available.  It feels like in the States papers are a thing of the past with online news.  It was nice to hold several real papers in your hands and read what was going on in Belfast.  But I'm much the type of person that loves to curl up with a paper and a hot coffee.  I forgot how much I missed those simple moments that I no longer could indulge in after Noah was born.  There is no time for the world to stand still for me.   Simple pleasures have long gone.
The Belfast Paper after the Upsee Launch!  And yes there's a quote in there from me!
The Titanic Memorial was one of the things we got to pass and experience.  Tragedies of such magnitude always feel more real when you can touch each name that lost their life.   It some way it makes the numbers more personal.  It's a really pretty memorial, and done very nicely with a beautiful little garden.  I loved the feeling of everywhere we walked was pouring with rich history.  Every building seemed to have a story, every walkway and path traveled itching to tell you secrets.  I was enchanted as were my children and husband.  Noah giggled with excitement and really was our tour guide expressing which direction he wanted to walk in.   He led us to some really great places.  It was almost as if Noah had been there before.  And I'm not exaggerating.  Noah was so content, so within his element there.  Luke likewise was a model toddler.  His manners never wavered and he was such a proper young boy.   I'm so proud of them both as a mother. 
Garden at the Titanic Memorial
Streets of Belfast

Belfast Capital.  Isn't it just grand?

We were so sad to have to turn back to find the comforts of our hotel, but in Belfast it rains rather frequently and we never were able to master the art of telling which rain clouds would pour and which ones would float by.  The clouds there move fast and swirl with wonder, leaving behind a smell of all things fresh and new.  Everything growing there is so happy, even the trees are covered with green pretty moss.  
Mossy Tree
Upon returning to our room, we had a lovely traditional Irish dinner at the hotel and settled in for the evening to get ready for our next big day at the Leckey Factory in Lisburn, Ireland.


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