Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beary Merry Christmas!

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This week as usual there have been a those occasional bumps in our road, but somehow the Christmas season, the Christmas cards, the special little Secret Santas in the mail, the smell of pine, and a waive from my neighbor that lives at least ten houses down makes everything feel like it's filled with peace, love and joy.

Everyday Chris comes to me and says is there something in that package I can use? And yesterday he got his answer. A cotter pin was at the bottom of a shipped box probably just by mistake and he picked it up thrilled like he had just been shopping in the tools section at Sears. I of course had no idea what a cotter pin was until he explained it to me, but I played with my Christmas towels and Noah's goodies and he walked around with this little cotter pin. It doesn't take much to thrill us, and honestly he really did love finding that cotter pin, and I got a great laugh. A sweet ending to our day.

Noah's on break for a little bit from his sensory class, occasionally we have a few new students that come in just to observe to see if it is a good match for them. Noah does relatively well with new people, he has to observe a lot just because he has no other way of really physically participating on his own with these other children. He tried a jumbo knob puzzle for the first time in class while sitting on my lap and it was the first time I thought that Noah was purposefully trying to pick it up and put it back in a spot. I'll have to look for one maybe for his birthday. I'm hoping it's not a specialty store that I have to order from. It was a 4 piece puzzle set, with an Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe, and I can't remember what the 4th animal was, but the knobs were big like drawer knobs on a child's dresser. I'm hoping that I can find something like it at Wal-mart or Target that is inexpensive. He seemed to be interested in it. And I'm always trying to find things that Noah seems to find fascinating. And it's great practice if he'll do it for his hands since he still cannot hold things or grasp items for more than mere seconds.

After Noah's pool therapy today, he got to meet the real Santa Claus. He was visiting just for a short while and came to watch him work in pool. He had such loving eyes, perfect little glasses, naturally rosy cheeks, that gentle beard, and the ho ho ho that gave you tingles down to your toes. Noah loved him. I loved him. It was like a moment out of a storybook come to life. Of course I had no camera with me, so only Noah and I will be able to hold that memory. But it was sweet. Santa gave him a bag of candy to share with his daddy, and told him how proud he was of him. Noah looked up and smiled as if he understood. It was one of those mommy moments where you get all teary because your child is just plain happy. It didn't matter that Noah couldn't hug, or sit, or walk or say thank you Santa, it didn't matter because their hearts touched and connected. Its the little things that tug at my heart so, all I have are the little things, but to me they are the biggest treasures God could have given me.

I finally finished our family Christmas cards, it took me a bit longer than I had hoped. Wishing you all a very happy and bright holiday season.


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