Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tri-City Elks Christmas

Noah in one of the Biker's Hats from Tri-City Elks
Santa Arriving

Santa Greeting All the Children

Tri-City Elks Christmas


Noah's gifts from Santa

Today Noah got to participate in a very special event hosted by the Tri-City Elks. Santa arrived at his therapy school on his sled that was being towed on a trailer behind a truck with motorcycle escorts. It was reported that Santa was texting and sledding to check on his reindeer and to advise us of his estimated time of arrival. He's got access to some really great technology that he didn't have when I was a little girl! It was quite the event. We all met at the school and did a caravan through town as the Tri-City Elks on motorcycles even stopped traffic for us. It was the only time I think I've ever intentionally ran a red light, with being waived on and it felt so strange! Most traffic was nice about it, but there were some that didn't quite understand what our caravan was about, some I think even thought it was a funeral procession as they pulled over to offer a gesture of condolences.

One of the Tri-City Elks even gave Noah his hat temporarily to keep warm while we were greeting Santa on his sled. You could immediately feel the love and big hearts they had. They are an amazing group of people. Noah loved the action, and the motorcycles. They served all of us hot dogs, sloppy joes, chips, hot chocolate and lemonade for lunch. It felt so neighborly and you felt loved by all when you were there. Santa came in and gave presents to each child in the family that was there, one by one they were called up to receive their special gift from Santa. Noah did pretty well, but was approaching nap hour when he met with Santa today. Maybe he already thought he had told him all he need to tell him the other evening. But he didn't really want much part of Santa today. Just everyone else, as he flirted and smiled to get attention. Santa must have thought Noah was exceptionally great this year, as he got a kissing Elmo, and a toy that lights up and roars.

It was so nice of this organization to do this for for families like ours and our children like Noah. For every mean heart that exists it seems there is a hundred more out there to make up for it. They made a very special day for us and for Noah and so many other families. It really felt like what Christmas was all about. And driving home I just silently thanked God for allowing me this day, allowing me to wake up and breathe this beautiful air, to have the gift of my son's life, no matter how many difficulties we have faced in the past, are currently facing or will continue to face in the future. The feeling of overwhelming love from strangers makes you feel like you are very far from alone.

Noah and I have also been receiving treats in the mail this week from what we can tell is multiple Secret Santas in multiple states. We can't figure out where they are all coming from, as the handwritings are all different and the postage stamps are from multiple states and areas. Nonetheless, to all of you out there that have somehow coordinated this, thank you. These tiny daily treasures mean so much and bring us so much joy you can't imagine. It's like a piece of daily sunshine and it's the first time in two years we've looked forward to opening our mailbox! God bless all of you for your kindness and love.

I wish I could just hug all of you out there on behalf of my family and Noah. These last few weeks have been so uplifting, and so comforting. I hope to bottle up all this joy you all are bringing us to get us through all the tough times that still lay ahead.

Many blessings & love,

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