Friday, December 2, 2011

Let it Be Christmas....

Food can be so fun & messy
Noah's 1st solid meal

Let it Be Christmas...

The house is decorated, the stockings hung with love, angels to look over us during the holdiay season and lights to guide our way. It has become a time where I just don't celebrate Christmas but I celebreate you Noah. I celebrate your life and how far you've come in nearly three years. You will forever and always be the best Christmas gift I have ever received.

We had another little miracle today Noah. You had your very first solid food lunch. I had hoped you were ready and you were. Today you had Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs (minus the meatballs because I am not sure about those just yet). You handled yourself like you've always eaten solid foods. Not a single gag, flawless swallowing. And you even were able to suck back the noodles that hung out of your mouth! - Which leads me to believe straw sucking may be possible for you. Unbelievable, and truly inspiring. This is something you couldn't have done a short few months ago. I of course called your daddy and your grandmother right away to tell them of this amazing accomplishment and took pictures of this special moment. I will probably be on cloud 9 for days... maybe weeks! To think how far you have from where we started. To all whom have ever doubted that you had the potential to ever find any recovery... never count Noah out. He is a fighter. He is a survivor. He is a miracle.

Tomorrow you have a full schedule lined up of Santa... Your therapy school is doing Santa tomorrow and the City of Westminster has Santa scheduled to arrive for you tomorrow evening on the fire truck. What fun. Hopefully this being the third time you have seen Santa, will be all smiles and laughter. I still remember your terrifying screams as you watched Santa get off the fire truck and walk up our driveway. It was funny and sad at the same time. Last year was slightly better, but you still looked at Santa with extreme uncertainty and you certainly didn't want Santa to hold you. So we will see. We are hoping that you have a day of nothing but joy.


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