Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Santa's Fire Truck Arrival

Santa's Arrival on the Fire Truck

Noah trying to tell Santa his list

A Very Happy Noah & Family

Santa's Presents for the Boys

Our much anticipated double Santa day, turned out to be a single Santa day. Unfortuantely, Noah's little brother spoiled his morning fun and was under the weather so we were unable to attend the morning festivities with his therapy school. This evening by far was the best Santa visit to the house for Noah. He watched the fire truck pull up to the house with sirens and lights and watched on with curosity. Noah was eager, happy and he even reached out to touch Santa's hand when Santa offered it to him. He even watched as Santa and all his helpers climbed back onto the fire truck and drove away. His expression was wanting to run after them and ride along - just like any almost three year old might. He's trying. He's trying so hard. He's in there, he understands it all. One of Noah's therapist was so kind and delivered his gifts from Saturday's missed event for him and his brother. We are going to save them for Christmas, so that Santa can leave them under the tree. Being able to provide Christmas gifts or even birthday gifts is a financial challenge. I state that no way in no way complaining about our circumstances, but simply the reality that many special needs family face. It is such a blessing that such places that want to help special needs children have a brighter holiday, also include their siblings. It means the world to families like ours.

Noah continued his amazing eating today. I fixed him organic mac and cheese for lunch - the noodles were a bit thicker but he did it. And he did it with ease. I am of course going so slow and easy that it takes me much longer to feed him. He is so patient with me, as this is new territory for me as well. I don't want to get overly confident or rush Noah with this progress. This is a huge step for him. I am proud and want to still take this new advancement slow for him. We might try maybe some scrambled eggs in the morning - we'll see. He's by no means ready for a sandwhich, or has the abilty required to chew complex solids. But with a lot of time, help and love - we'll get there.

I read an article the other day on the preservation of baby teeth to obtain stem cells to treat cerebral palsy the other day...comes with a price tag almost just as bad as saving sibiling cord blood and tissue stem cells. $800 a tooth - not including the storage fee. Wow. I wonder what the toothfairy would think of that? And they really don't tell you how many baby teeth they would need for treatments. I still believe there is such promise in stem cell therapy, I just don't know if anyone truly knows the best way to administer them just yet. I do feel that stem cells will one day help Noah in his recovery.

So now Chris and I start the hunt for birthday and Christmas goodies for Noah... always a challenge to find age appropriate toys that Noah can engage in. I was thinking maybe I would search out some special needs paint brushes, maybe some inexpensive communication aids like flash cards. He is making appropriate eye gaze choices and attempts to swat and chose correct answers with flash cards during speech therapy, just another indication that Noah is understanding way more than many give him credit for. After Santa left we told Noah that eventhough he didn't tell Santa what he wanted that Santa can read minds and already knows. We got the biggest smile from Noah. I just love him so much. I could hug and squeeze him endlessly.


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