Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas is Now

It's no secret that Noah's favorite time of year is Christmas time.  He spends countless hours in front of his Christmas train and he's grown increasingly fast at rolling to where he wants to go over the course of this year and he make a bee-line for the wrapped presents each time.  And before we know it - he's even unwrapped them - and he's got great aim - he only goes for the ones with his name on them.  Super smart he is.  We keep trying to tape them back together the best we can - but Noah is insistent that Christmas is now and he wants to open those presents!  He's so excited about ripping the paper.  This is the first time we've ever seen Noah this excited about opening gifts.  He truly understands what they are and he wants them.  And when I pull him away from them he give me a look like I'm severely disappointing him and aggravating his big attempts to open those gifts.

Noah has also made amazing progress with head control at hippotherapy.  The last two weeks have been incredible.  He holds his head up on his horse like any other child would.  Chris and I kept looking at each other like is that really our Noah on that horse?  Because it looked like any able-bodied 4 year old riding.  It was enough to take our breath away.  It's beyond words.  We're so proud of Noah he's working so hard, and we're thrilled with the results of what 14 weeks of hippotherapy has done for him.  We are now on a winter break and resuming back up in February.  As most of Noah's therapies go, it's very expensive and something we have trouble keeping up with, but when you see the progress Noah is making you continue to do anything and everything to help him.

Noah's service dog is due to arrive on his birthday.  We are very excited about our new family member joining us on Noah's birthday.  This dog is going to do so many great things for Noah in his life.  Noah will be having a Shrek themed birthday cheesecake made of caramel and fudge this year, something he can eat in it's entirety.  We're ditching the cake thing and making it completely something he can eat.  We're trying to focus on all the joyous parts of the holiday season, and remembering that our little miracle is still here four years later.  A tough fight, a tough road, a tough journey for all of us.  But we have his life - and that's the greatest gift.  Many people argue Noah's not a true miracle because he has yet to be blessed with a full recovery.  But people who question a miracle likely have never seen one.  They've never held a baby in their arms, wondering if it would take it's last breath.  To be told that after thirteen long minutes that your child was revived after having no heartbeat.  To bear witness to a December rainbow in a Colorado sky - a forever promise between God and Noah.  I live with a miracle each day. 


Noah's Miracle by Stacy Warden is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.