Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

You've known me for many years now. When I was just a tender little thing you never disappointed me. You've brought me countless treasures. And you know that I used to ask for a lot of things. My lists were miles long - I wanted the world. Now that I'm all grown my list has grown significantly smaller. I've learned the true importance and meaning of life. I only want to ask for one thing... one thing that I know is way too big for you alone. Yet it remains on my wish list. And I continue to send that wish out to the universe in hopes that someone might catch that wish in their hands like a speck of magic stardust, and find a way to grant it. Please send me that Christmas Miracle that you know my heart aches for.

Santa's Little Helper
Noah was so excited tonight waiting on your arrival, he played with his Christmas train around the tree and spent lots of time knocking down his nativity figurines and playing with his snow globe, which had it's last good snow as his little brother Luke broke the plastic ball tonight. (I hope Luke told you he now needs a new unbreakable snow globe). We kept telling Noah that you were on your way and he just kept growing with excitement. He's been watching movies about how you deliver presents and spread holiday cheer for many months. So tonight was a big deal for him. He'll probably be dreaming of sugar plum fairies until Christmas actually comes now.

Santa's Firetruck
Noah was so excited to see you come up the driveway. A huge difference from the very first time he met you. Noah looked at you with such awe and beamed with his sweet and loving smiles. You've charmed your way into his heart all season long and gave him the greatest gift when you made a special visit to our home tonight arriving on the fire truck. Thank you for holding his precious little hand and offering him a loving embrace. Your heart is so big that you don't even see a little boy with physical challenges, you see Noah as I wish the world would see him.

Santa Holding Noah's Hands
Your helpers are always so nice every year, and it's such a gift to meet everyone your bring with you. Hearts as big as gold. And I'm so thankful and blessed that you and your entire team of elves came to listen to all that Noah hopes to get for Christmas. But he's pretty easy to please and I know he'll be super thrilled with whatever you bring him Christmas morning. Thank you for bringing Christmas magic to our home.

With Love,

Noah's Miracle by Stacy Warden is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.