Saturday, December 27, 2014

Noah's 6th Birthday

Noah loved his Mr. Tumble Birthday theme.   I just printed off a picture of Mr. Tumble from the Internet because no one here really knows who Mr. Tumble is.  I expected they'd have to make a little figurine out of marzipan but the figurine would have been $80... so we took the $4 digital cake photo option, which I have to say was perfect.  Noah beamed when he seen his cake.  I think this cake was his most favorite one yet, and the one he has responded most to.

We bought him a little adapted switch fan to allow him to blow out his own candle.  We positioned the fan close enough to the cake that when he hit his switch the fan blew out the candle for him.  Was great, except the lights on the fan quit working immediately.  And I still need to contact the vendor for an exchange or return.   But it did the job, and hopefully all future years Noah will be blowing out his own candles from now on - switch style and making some big wishes.

Noah grows increasingly more aware each year, and without a doubt knows that his birthday is all about him.  He cautiously guards all of his presents and new treasures to make sure his little brother doesn't lay not one finger on them, and if Luke even thinks about it, Noah squawks and squeals with anger and protest.   He was even protective of his polka-dotted balloons.  Didn't want to give an inch of sharing to Luke on his special day.

Noah got a lot of really great Mr. Tumble treasures that were imported the help with some special friends in the UK.  Makes it so hard to buy for a child that loves something that is UK specific.  Noah even got this precious custom made Mr. Tumble card.   Lots of memories to add to his hope chest.

When we asked Noah if someday he'd like to have a birthday party with other people who would come he got excited.  Maybe someday that will be in his future and we'll be able to invite friends - makes it hard that his birthday is so close to Christmas.  Maybe he needs like a mid-year birthday party in the summer.   I suppose when you have a life like Noah's everyday is a day to celebrate life....


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