Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Five Things That Are More Expensive Than Raising A Child With Special Needs

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Yesterday morning I was laying in bed nursing a Noah hangover (What we lovingly call the effects of up all night with Noah's needs), and while waiting for Noah to get up for the final time that day,  I turned on the television to the Today's Show.  A segment aired about the costs of raising a typical child.  It is reported that the average child born today will cost $245,340 to raise with a projected potential cost of inflation of  $304,480.  These figures are from the USDA's annual report, based on the government's Consumer Expenditure Survey.

Chump change I thought to myself. That's nothing compared to raising a child with a significant disability.   So here are five things that are more expensive than raising a child who has special needs:

1) Twenty-Five Hermes Birkin Handbags (Worth 1.9 million each) 
But just think about how stylish you'll look carrying all your child's medications and therapy notes!

2) Ten Harry Winston Ruby Slippers (Worth 3 million each )
The perfect solution to aching feet from carrying your child with special needs room to room.

3)  Seven Amour Amour Dog Collars (Worth 3.2 million each)
Have a service dog?  Yes they cost thousands of dollars so why not show your appreciation with these fancy collars one for each day of the week. 

4) Five Lamborghini Venenos (Worth 4.3 million each)
Finally a vehicle that puts the cost of an average handicapped van to shame! 

5)  Three iPhone 4S Elite Gold (Worth 9.4 Million each)
Just convince yourself that you'll get better customer service from insurance representatives and SSI if you are on hold using this classy phone. 

But here are the things that no amount of money can buy:

Appreciation of the smallest accomplishments your child worked so hard for.
Proper perspective of what is truly important in life.
Lessons you learned from all the pain and joys of special needs parenting.
The abundant blessings that come from your child being with you for another day.
Thankfulness that although life is not perfect, that you are all together.
Looking into the eyes of your child with special needs and feeling that powerful love.

The costs of raising a child with special needs is likely to push any average middle class family into poverty, but we're richer in so many other ways.


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