Monday, January 14, 2013

Noah's Personal Victory

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After many weeks of illness and two rounds of antibiotics we're hoping we are all finally traveling towards the road to wellness.  We have a little ways to go, but are getting there.  This germ certainly didn't discriminate as it went from family member to family member.   We're very ready for spring, warmer weather and a break from germs.   Spring fever probably started the day after Christmas was over. 

Noah got a Personal Victory Award from hippotherapy.  It was such an awesome surprise to receive in the mail.  Noah's very first award actually - next to his medal that he got for his bike race last August.  This is a really big achievement for Noah.  When we started at hippotherapy his head and trunk control was limited - and now he's just soaring with improvements.  And it's so nice that others recognize Noah for all of his hard work and how far he's come.  He's such a little superstar.  He never gets discouraged he just keeps trucking right along.  Noah just becomes more engaged, focused and determined by the day.  We can't wait to frame his new accomplishment. 

You are tapping independently for "walk on" and you are working on "woah" (Verbally) Your ability to hold your head up up has improved with ease each session. You participate in every activity looking at what you have done and using your hands .

Noah's Service Dog in Training, Samson, made his first debut in public last week.  He did really well.  He's following his lesson plans and we hope that he'll be able to pass lesson one soon and move onto the second lesson out of ten lessons he must pass before leaving home to obtain master skills and certification.  It's more work that I originally had thought it would be, but at the same time I'm glad that we're trying to go through the program as a puppy to allow Noah a chance at bonding earlier.  It certainly is like having three small children in the house, none of which are completely potty trained yet.   Samson already has fallen into helping the family as he alerted us to a teeth infection that one of our other dogs had that required oral surgery. So he's very observant and most of all a very patient puppy.   And most of all he's very eager to please which is a beautiful quality when you know this dog will one day play a very big role in Noah's help and care.

"Everyone has their own special gift.  In some it's speech, in some, silence.  The world has need of small perfection as well as great achievements."


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