Friday, May 2, 2014

A Letter to a Child with Special Needs on Their First Day of Life

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Dear Sweet Child,

Today a fighter was born.  You.  Yes, you.  The sweetest, tiniest, most precious little soul.   You are strong, brave and full of courage.  I'd like to welcome you to the world and tell you a little about what to expect on your journey.   It may be a confusing time for you.  Machines sounding and monitoring your progress, tears of your parents falling gently upon your delicate skin and doctors swirling around you.  Never fear, you are loved.   You will soon find clarity and your purpose.   Life for you will be a little different than it is from most.  You see you were born special. 

There will be days in your life when you will reach for the stars, and other days when you will feel defeated no matter how hard you try.   There will be triumphs and celebrations, and at times unexpected set-backs.   Your life will be a tender balance of difficulties and joy.   But you will undoubtedly do amazing things.  You have a gift to light up dark rooms, to speak without words, to inspire others and to demonstrate unconditional love.    But the world won't always make it easy for you to shine like the star you were born to be.

There will be times when you are met with cruelty.  Stares, hurtful words, uneducated people, and those who cannot yet see the beauty that is before them.  It may make you feel lonely or worthless, but you must remember you are far from those things.   Your heart will be wounded at times, but you need to know you are never alone.  Because your heart is so big, you'll be quick to forgive.  You'll teach more lessons in one minute than some can learn in a lifetime.

The world around you will occasionally be complicated and messy.  You may hear predictions about your destiny and  have expectations placed upon you.  Remember you are defined by none of it.  There are no limits to what you can achieve and accomplish.  No one can determine what you will be capable of during your journey.  You will be a surprise each day to those around you.  

There may be scary and hard times too.  You may experience a multitude of medical procedures, endure countless hours of therapy, and even accumulate various types of assistive devices to help you along in your day.  There will be a team of those loving you through those times, and they will bring you comfort to see you through all of it. 

You are going to do so much with your time here.   It is not about what you can do or can't do that will define your life.   Spreading love will be your specialty.  You may encounter hate, spite and ignorance, but the love within you will be stronger than all of it. 

We're really glad that you're here.  Your life brings so much value to the world.  You might need a pep talk sometimes and that's okay.  We all need that from time to time.  But no matter what remember never give up hope that things will be better tomorrow. 

For now, remember this:  When you feel low on smiles, and you feel it's over before you've had a chance to begin, dig deep and remember your purpose.  Laugh loud, live in the moment, and dream big and most of all remember you matter in this world.


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