Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dreaming of Hope with Open Eyes

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Noah is doing wonderfully. He continues to give new movements everything he has. We're now trying to teach Noah the art of putting weight on his arms to accompany the fact that he is now able to get his head off the ground. He doesn't realize that his arms are very beneficial to the art of crawling just yet, but he'll get it down. He's a bit frustrated because he's been doing so many movements that are so new to him, but he squeals with frustration and determination at the same time.
A lot of new things have been introduced to Noah this week. From food to therapy movements. I'm having a blast liquefying anything I have in my pantry for him. He ate organic cheese ravioli for lunch and candied yams for dinner. I'm so very thrilled with our emulsifier. Noah always smiles big, and I know he's thanking his grandmother with every bite. Her heart continually is always filled with such love and joy for him.
Today was the first time Noah has ever put himself to sleep. He fell asleep during therapy on his tummy. Was a first, and a wonderful first. Slept for two hours that way on the floor. But with most things, I'm not sure if he'll repeat this or not. Some things he does he prefers it to be a one time only event. I of course took pictures to document the event. There is nothing more precious than to watch a peaceful sleeping baby.
I'm a strong believer in the therapy we are currently doing. The Feldenkrais/ABM Method, is working for Noah. I wish of course I could find a way to get insurance companies to recognize that it's not some made up therapy - some far out alternative method that doesn't produce results. It's not make believe like lets stack tupperware bowls all around Noah and see if it motivates him to walk. It is a real therapy with real results. But the battle to get insurance companies to pay for such things isn't going to happen in the time frame I need it to in order to help Noah. It's a battle that could take years upon years. I wish I could find Noah his own little scholarship. I know he'd make a sweet little applicant. I would even send in a picture and write his life biography for him to accompany such an application - if only it were that easy.
They say the sweetest rewards are those most hard earned. Noah is working so hard, Chris and I working so hard to get him the things we believe are helping him. Each day is hard. It's often bittersweet. Things are indescribably hard for us, but when you look at Noah's precious face it keeps our drive going. We're like the two energizer bunny parents. We keep going and going.
"When you wake ,and your mind flies forward to the day ahead,take a few moments that can powerfully influence your day. Set your inner compass. Consider what strengths you will need. Trust that you have them. Consider what values you may want to call on. Trust that they'll be there." Positive Thoughts
Stacy, Chris & Noah