Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

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We completed the last class of Noah's sensory class for a while. He was a bit cranky today, but had moments that he seemed to be willing to sit without arching. Nothing like trying to hold a twenty pound two-year-old as he spring loads backwards faster than a malfunctioned toy! But he doesn't have a lot of ways of communicating and arching still remains one of his "hear me now," I'm mad techniques. I'll miss the moms and the kids. But I know I'll still see them periodically here and there. We all have some heavy lives and we come together for one hour a week, trying to better our children in some way. We have unspoken emotions that each understands, expressions on our faces that are so familiar from one to the next, exhaustion levels that seem to be endless. But each of us keeps going with our special needs kids.

I'm hoping the weather stays nice so Chris can help me build this garden I have brewing in my head. There's lots of things that seem to be brewing these days. Thoughts I keep categorizing in these mental folders because I don't have the time I need to nurse each and every thought at the same time. Things that might benefit Noah, things that we know he can't handle at this time, things we hope are available in the future for him. I never stop thinking about how can I make it better for him - easier.

March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. I hope that each of you that come across Noah's blog whether you are directly affected by Cerebral Palsy in your own lives or whether you just come to read and support our little Noah and others like him that you will take time to remember that each special child or person with Cerebral Palsy not only this month, but always. I pray and hope someday there will be a cure, someway that we can heal the brain. It's not about accepting things as they are, it's wanting an easier future and life for all those that are challenged by this.

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Cerebral Palsy images
Cerebral Palsy Graphics

(Remember to mute Noah's Music on the Right to watch video)

I will NEVER give up Hope on my little Noah. Believe... Miracles do happen to those who believe in them!


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