Friday, December 23, 2011

Noah Turns Three

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Sweetest Noah,

Today you turn three. I had hoped that I could tell you that you learned to walk and talk this year - or even sit unassisted, but I can't. But it's okay. You are blossoming in so many other ways and we continue to believe your miracle is not done. We still do some kind of therapy just about everyday. You are the hardest working person I know. I admire your courage, stregnth and continued perserverance. You make an excellent big brother, and although your are limited in what you can do, you always find a way to squeal to alert me if Luke is into something he shouldn't be - primarily your toys. This year you were able to eat spaghetti for the first time, your first un-pureed meal, and you have demonstrated some really great understanding in therapy. Your head and back control is improving, and you are now making an effort to compete for your toys and swat at them. And we remain so ever proud of you.

You have learned to sass back, although we don't know what you are saying, you clearly are passionate about your message. It is my hope that one day you'll be completely understandable and can share with the world all of your amazing experiences. Your daddy has become your entire world. He makes you smile and you light up with just the word "daddy." I am glad that he is your favorite person. He loves you beyond all measure. He calls like clockwork everyday to make sure you are okay, doing well and are happy. You never leave his mind or his heart. He still totes you place to place calling you his little "buddy." You now have a cute game you play before bath time, called diaper soccer, where he wraps up your used diaper and lets you kick it down the hallway while he holds you up. You seem to love it, and sometimes I swear the neighbors can hear your loud giggles and squeals.

Your patience has grown, I am now able to take you to stores without complete meltdowns. Although you still get annoyed occasionally if we are at stop lights, or if I don't pull out of parking spaces quick enough for liking. Your sensory issues seem to be improving yet I recognize there are still things that bother you. Yet I am so impressed that you tolerate Luke pulling your hair or trying to suck your hand. He means well, and just hasn't learned yet that you can't defend yourself from his gushy love attempts. Considering all that upsets you, I am impressed you let Luke get by with that.

Your eyes continue to tell me things words cannot. If I didn't know better I would swear they get more crystal blue with each passing year. They glow - and are simply beautiful. Your eyes bring me such inner peace when I struggle about your physical limitations. They bring me reassurance and comfort. They are the most loving eyes anyone could ever have. You somehow find a way to tell me everything will be okay. My worries and concerns for your future seem to grow with each passing birthday. I want only the best for you, and all the opportunities for continued recovery that I can find. I never give up hope that things will get better for you. I never stop trying, praying and hoping that all things are possible.

As you turn three, I want you to know that you could not be more loved, more treasured, and more prayed for. We love you so much and are so blessed that we are able to celebrate your third year of life.


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