Monday, March 17, 2014

This is How We Roll

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We stumbled on this really cute gadget called the the Englacha 2-in 1 Junior Rider that attaches to the back of strollers.  Another mom recommended it to us after the hopes to import something similar from the UK became the impossible financial mission.  It is a little seat when the child is smaller to attach to the back of a stroller and a standing board for when a child outgrows the child seat.  It works well with all of Noah's mobility seating options. Video of the product can be found here:
Junior Rider on Zippie Wheelchair

It was an instant hit with the boys.  They loved it.  I'm not sure who liked it more, Noah or Luke.  Could be an equal tie.  I think they both realized they were riding together!  A team of two brothers!  It certainly is very nice to have both boys riding together - something they haven't done in over a year since Luke outgrew the side-by-side double stroller.   I was actually dreading summer outings this year, thinking I'd be toting both a wheelchair and a wagon to accommodate both boys.  But I think we may have just found the perfect summer option!
Walking around the Block w/Sunshade

We've taken now two walks around the block and are officially ready to cruise in new style!  I do wish however the seat option would extend to a slightly older age.  It's a small seat and at almost age three, Luke likely can only sit in it maybe through the summer and he'll be too big and will be forced to use the standing board option.  But maybe I'll stumble on something like it with a larger seat down the line.  New things are being created all the time and you just never know what little thing is going to make your life loads easier!

For the first time in years, I had a Noah dream.  I used to have them often when he was little.  He'd be walking, crawling all sorts of amazing things in my dreams.  Then they stopped and I thought well it's over.  My soul has finally accepted that Noah may never do any of the things I dreamed about.  But last night a dream - finally.  He was talking.  And talking clearly.   My dream was likely inspired by something that happened a few weeks ago.  We were getting Noah ready for a bath and his brother was sleeping.  He was squawking and squealing and we told him he needed to be quiet or he'd wake up his little brother, and it seemed so clear his response was "I don't care."  Chris and I looked at each other like did we hear that right?  But we both heard the same thing.  He didn't care if he woke up his brother - that was his response!  I don't think we imagined it.  We really both think that is what Noah said.  In my dream Noah was talking in sentences - and boy did he have a lot to say and he was giving all this advice and talking about the world.  He seemed beyond his years with his wisdom and speech in my dream.   It was so nice to dream again.  I had forgotten how comforting that was. 

"Nothing happens unless first we dream."  Carl Sandburg


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