Tuesday, December 23, 2014

To My Son on His Birthday: Six Wishes

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Sweetest Noah,

You turn six today!   In many ways the time has gone so fast, in other ways it feels like things have stood still.  Although so many typical milestones have been skipped and may or may never come to be, with each passing year the sparkle in your soul, the pure joy in your laughter, the twinkle in those crystal blue eyes grows stronger and reminds me how happy you are to be here.   These are six wishes I have to celebrate the anniversary of your birth:

I wish for you to always experience immense joy
Remember to never let someone steal your happiness. Sometimes that is a hard thing to remember as you are met with challenges, cruel stares or unkind words.  But you must always remember the actions of others are no reflection on the person you were born to be -  the beautiful person I know you are.  Let your smile be your gift, let your tender laughter be the lesson that others need to learn from.   Most of all never let anything or anyone dull that incredible light that you've had since the day you were born.  Life is much too precious and much too short to not find your happiness.   Trust that we'll do our best to lead by example and show you all the true joys there is to being in this world.

May the world never harden your heart Life is full of challenges, problems to over come and flat out tremendously difficult moments.   You may find yourself questioning your self worth, frustrated as you realize that your little body doesn't do all you wish it could, and the desire for others to hear the voice that lives inside you.   You may hear the words won't, can't, and never... don't let those words become a part of your vocabulary.  Always seek to do good in the world, and know that just by being you, that you have the power to make a difference not only with your life but in the lives of others. 

That you meet challenges with determination and a belief you can conquer all things
The odds haven't been in your favor since you were born, as your parents we've endured countless predictions that were unfavorable.  But we never believed any of them.  Because we know that you are the leader of your own life.  No text book, no other person on this earth can determine the achievements and success you will find in your lifetime.   The journey is up to you, and this is your life's story to write.  We are so grateful that we get a front row seat.  We believe in you.

Show the world who you are
Never be embarrassed about the person you are or the challenges that you face.  You have a gift that most people never have the privilege of experiencing.  You are the purest form of goodness and love.  You have so much to teach others.  It is important to remember that you must give to receive, and the rewards will be great if you give of yourself with all your heart.   Never waiver from complete honesty and the truth no matter how painful either may be.  They will be the foundation and virtues that will help guide your way.

To always fight fairly
You will inevitably have to fight harder for injustices, rights, fairness and assistance in your lifetime.   Right now we're here to do all that for you, but there may come a time when you need to stand up for yourself.   And when that time comes, make sure you do it with with respect and compassion.  Stand up for what you believe in and never shy away from bringing attention to an injustice in your life or in the lives of others.  As the saying goes; you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.  

Remember where you came from
As a family we've struggled through a lot and continue to keep doing our best.  You come from some strong stock.   Know that it's in your genes to keep going no matter how hard things may get.  Never feel like you must measure up to someone else’s expectations.  And always remember my son, that Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle.

And my ‘one to grow on’ - I wish to be here to witness all of your life's journey and cheer you on as you go
Oh, Noah how I can remember the first time still to this day the first moment I laid eyes on you.   We've come so far, and have much further left to go.  I remain so humbly blessed that you are here with us.  Happy 6th Birthday.  I love you.


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