Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Broadmoor: The Golden Bee - Home of the Sticky Bees

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The Broadmoor took note of Noah's favorite meals.  Pot pies and pastas being among some of his favorites.  They found two perfect dinner dinning spots for Noah while we were there.  The first night being The Golden Bee.  While in walking distance from the Cottages, we chose to take an accessible shuttle.  The Broadmoor has their very own shuttle service which is complimentary with your stay.  They have a shuttle that has a Braun Ability lift that worked nicely with getting Noah around the hotel grounds.  And they were super fast.  You call for a shuttle and it's waiting on you within less than five minutes.  Perfect for a child that isn't a fan of patiently waiting on rides to get to his destinations...

The shuttle drivers were so knowledgeable about the hotel property, and could answer all the questions I had about the hotel's history.  I was most interested in the new property that the Broadmoor acquired directly across the street from the Cottages.  A mansion that was built in 1930 went into foreclosure and was purchased by the Broadmoor in December of 2015 for 1.9 million dollars.  A mansion that guests would have to enjoy all to themselves.  It is reported that the Broadmoor invested approximately 7 million dollars in restoration of the home, and that it will feature 5 master suites, a kitchen, a formal dining room, a full library and a parlors that could accommodate meetings and large cocktail parties.  I was in awe of it.  I couldn't stop looking at that property every time I passed it.  In fact I haven't been able to get it off my mind.  There was something about that mansion that was full of glory, wonder and amazement of it's beauty, and enormous size.  It sits on 1.7 acres of property and the landscape was just receiving finishing touches awaiting it's first booked guests later this fall.
Picture @ The Denver Post
I found myself dreaming.  Which I hate to do.  When you have a child with special needs you hate to dream because you know that nothing is within reach any longer.  I imagined what it might look like, the shuttle guides describing how incredible it looks in the inside when they were allowed a tour.  It will rent for $8,500 a night.   That mansion certainly will be the ultimate Broadmoor experience when it opens.   I hope that I'll get to see pictures of it in a magazine or by way of a video when it opens.  It is such a beautiful piece of property and I'm glad that the Broadmoor acquired it, as the property will be well cared for and will no longer sit vacant.

Even though our ride to the Golden Bee was short I learned so much in those few minutes about The Broadmoor.  I didn't have a chance to research the cuisine that was served at The Golden Bee, but was very excited when I realized it was a English/Irish Pub!  I adore authentic Irish food... and finally a restaurant that knows what true mushy peas are all about! 

The best part really is that your server throws sticky fabric bees at you which land all over your clothes.  Children adore this part of the dinning experience there.  What is better than a flying sticky bee coming your way when you are five and seven years old?  Everyone knows when you've been to The Golden Bee because you are decorated in bees when you leave.  Luke in fact transferred his bees to every outfit until we left.  Noah's bees collected and lined up on the sunhood of his Convaid Trekker wheelchair.

It was so hard to decide what to order because I wanted to order the entire menu.  I did try the most wonderful honey lemonade and hope to find a way to closely replicate it at home.  A hint of tartness from freshly squeezed lemons combined with the delicate blend of honey that married in such a perfect way.  I highly recommend it as a must try drink at The Golden Bee.  The atmosphere felt cozy, warm and welcoming.  The chef making a personal appearance to make sure that he had Noah's order and asked how he could blend it so it would be a perfect consistency for him.  At seven years old this is the first time a restaurant has ever been willing to blend Noah a meal.  We typically pack baby food for Noah when we dine out.  Noah generally isn't very patient waiting on food when we arrive at restaurants demanding to eat before the rest of the family even has a chance to order making his desert typically his entree.  However, Noah understood exactly what the chef was saying and doing and waited patiently for his specially made meal and was content eating spoonfuls of cheddar spread which was a restaurant table top appetizer.

That chef likely has no idea that magnitude of what he did for Noah and how it touched our hearts that he cared so deeply about making Noah's meal special.  I will never forget the care that went into preparing Noah's meal.  He had a pureed chicken pot pie and they pureed a cheesecake into a delicate pudding for his desert.   Everyone at The Golden Bee was as sweet as honey, and I only wish that they were closer to home so that we could dine with them again.  A really fun experience and a must try restaurant if you are in the area.

We decided to walk home but the shuttle driver seen us and did a U-turn to ask if we wanted a ride.  Was nice that they were keeping an eye out for us, it was certainly something I didn't expect, yet everyone on the grounds seemed well aware that we were in the area and were looking out to help us in any way that we needed them to.  We arrived back early evening to find that housekeeping had turned down our beds, left wrapped chocolates bedside and had lowered the curtains.  We sat out on the veranda watching the sunset, feeling the gentle breeze and watching ducks swim past us in the creek.  Noah cuddled in his daddy's arm in one of the outdoor chairs watching golf carts in the distance.   It was a beautiful ending to a perfect day.


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