Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Noah's Still Dining...

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Noah has expanded upon his fine dining experience! Tonight we went to 3 Margaritas (because Noah said he really wanted to party!) Well he gave me "that" look anyway. He dinned out with his grandma and grandpa, great-nana and his daddy and I. He continues to do really well in public restaurants. Someone still has to hold him until food arrives because there's no way he'd sit in his chair for longer than giving him baby food. But I've mastered the art of eating and feeding him at the same time. It feels like we're being able to join the rest of the world little by little.

Noah didn't have his physical therapy session today. They forgot to tell me that every third Wednesday of the month, he wouldn't have therapy due to meetings. So Noah and I drove all the way there only to find out we had to come right back home. I still haven't received his new belly band that we ordered. We should have received it by now since they send it Fed Ex, so I guess I'll have to call them tomorrow. At least they were very nice and said they wouldn't re-charge me for a new belly band that fit, even though it wasn't their fault that it was too small. So I donated Noah's belly band that was too small to Children's. Maybe it can help another little baby that isn't as long as Noah is.

Noah has also decided that he much prefers it if I sing to him during his diaper changes. And he's very particular on what I can sing. It has to be either the itsy bitsy spider, twinkle, twinkle or I have to sing the alphabet with sound effects. Nothing else will do. And today he's given me quite the vocal workout with 5 diaper blowouts and 5 outfit changes. Total diaper failure today. And he laughs about it like he knows that he made a giant mess out of himself. I hate diaper failure days.

Tomorrow we're hoping to take Noah and his great-nana out to the Butterfly Pavilion. Hopefully if Noah decides he needs another gift from the gift shop he can latch on to something a little less expensive than that sparkly spider. He probably can't help himself I think it's a gene that I may have passed down to him. Find the nice things that cost way too much!

I've also tried to force myself to watch cartoons during breakfast rather than our traditional music videos on Noah's behalf. Cartoons are nothing like what they used to be when I was little. Now they are bi-lingual. That's great except I won't know what Noah is saying to me. And Sponge Bob? Is there a critter that could be more possibly ugly? Not to mention he doesn't behave very well. What ever happened to the days of sweet little cartoons like care bears?

All You Are
(by Michael Card - based on a poem by George MacDonald)
Where did you get those eyes so blue?

They're from the sky that you passed through.
Where did you get that little tear?
Did you find that it was waiting for you here?
And what about your little nose?

He knew you'd need it for the rose.
And as for your soft curly ear,
He knew there would be songs for you to hear.
How can it be that you are you?
He thought you up and so you grew.
Because you're mine, it must be true,
That he was also thinking of me too.
For all you are, and all you'll be
For everything you mean to me,
Though I don't understand,
I know you're from the Father's hand.

Stacy, Chris & Noah