Thursday, September 24, 2009

Noah's Toys Bite the Dust

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Noah detected that the sun came out today and I could tell he was itching for a ride in his stroller. So off to Target we went to just wander. Noah doesn't particularly like his stroller hood down, so even when we're indoors he has to have it up or he screams. He must feel safer that way like he's in his own little cave.

We toured the store a few times and then ran across a really nice lady with a 10 month old little girl. We compared regular baby things, she said her baby was slow to sit and gave me tips on how to get Noah to sit, I told her he had special needs and that it might be a long time and so she looked at him intently after I told her, and said nope, he's going to be fine. We both had a small conversation just about babies in general, shared a smile, and went in different boy/girl toy directions.

Noah has also been become very aware of food, he now wants to eat lunch with me too, he roots with little monkey sounds until I give in. He also started to bite his spoon today which is excellent. We want him to learn to bite and chew.

The dogs have also made their first Noah toy casualty. It's so hard to supervise them and Noah at the same time. So unfortunately I found some of Noah's toys out in the yard dead on arrival chewed up and soaked. And they were really nice toys too, I had prefered they had taken something that Noah really didn't like to play with, but I suppose everyone loves the same toys in this house. Maybe I should put Rody up higher... I'm worried.

Noah's also been watching his Einstein videos that my mom bought him. I'm so thankful that she did because he intently watches them during feedings. I pray it helps him with his speech and learning.

Thank you to all those that continue to leave supporting and sweet messages for Noah on his caringbridge guestbook, it will mean so much to him to read someday. All the positive always outweighs the negative. And I make a conscious effort to be happy each and every day to be present in the moment for Noah's sake. Although I may write about our difficult moments, our hardships, or pain it never means that I'm not thankful for each and every moment that I share with Noah. It has been my goal to share what this type of journey is like with those unfamiliar with it, those who wish to know how the small fragile little soul they fell in love with all those months ago is progressing, and to always remember that miracles are possible.

I've also attached links to some of the other families that we've connected with that have special needs children on Noah's blog site under "Noah's friends". I welcome those that have an opportunity to read their stories. The courage, strength, love and hope can often move you to tears.

"What lies behind us and What lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"

Stacy, Chris & Noah