Monday, December 7, 2009

Noah's Birthday Cake

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Noah's New Ride - A little box...

Noah's Train Tree

Noah's Tree #2

Noah's Puppies Brystal Sonoma & Hollie Edelbrock
(aka super sneaky and loud mouth)
Noah LOVES them!

Poor little Noah is still has his sniffles, after a battle with his doctor's office I finally got him an appointment. They thought it may be just a virus but they did have a hard time telling if it had gone to his lungs, but didn't think it warranted a x-ray yet. Ears and throat are great, no cough and still no signs of any fever. And his saturation levels were excellent. I remember the days when we would panic over Noah in the NICU as we sat and watched his levels go up and down and listened to the alarms ringing constantly. Sometimes when I go to sleep I startle to that alarm sound in my mind still to this day.
And as I had suspected the doctor did confirm that the discoloration in Noah's only two teeth are a result of the medications he was given in the NICU. But she told me I shouldn't worry as it won't have any influence on his permanent teeth. No one explained to us that these drugs could have other effects down the road, but if he had to have them to keep him alive then I guess his teeth are a small consequence.
I've been trying to find great gifts for Noah for Christmas. While other mommies are finding the toys of the year, this mommy is trying to find the therapy equipment of the year. There are so many things I'd like to get for Noah, a Playnest, a Summer Infant Stage 3 Super Seat, a Babystation, A LeapFrog Grove and Activity Station, A Cushi Tush Baby Seat, A Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker, WaterWayBabies in-home pool therapy, a bath seat. All of the really great items that might help Noah learn to sit or become mobile of course are big ticket items. And a lot of the really neat items come from the UK and Germany. Some are obtainable while it seems some are harder to get. And there's no guarantee that any of it would make a difference or not in his progress. Then there is still of course the wishlist of all the other things I'd love to get for Noah, I dream big and want to give him the world.
We heard today that Two Angels is going to be able to help us get the platform swing for Noah. It is very exciting news since it is Noah's most favorite thing to do. We remain so very humbled by the help that we've received and continue to receive. There are so many things in our lives that simply would not be possible otherwise. I ordered Noah's first birthday cake Saturday. We are so very excited about it. His little individual cake is going to be so cute. It will have a sprayed on teddy bear on it with some frosting balloons and curled ribbon, and then will have a companion big cake that will be the bigger version of his. It took me forever to try to pick it out for him, there were simply so many choices. His cake will have vanilla custard in the middle, in case he is unable to eat the cake itself (which I suspect will be the case), or have me help him dip his fingers in the custard and guide it to his mouth. They are doing the cake special to make sure the dyes are natural and non-artificial for him. It's such a dream to be able to celebrate his first birthday. In the beginning we never thought we'd be blessed to see his first birthday. He is a gift to us each and every second of the day.
Stacy, Chris & Noah