Monday, December 28, 2009

Noah's Christmas

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Riding My Bike in the Kitchen
Holding On Tight

Noah's Car Racing Toy Box

Noah's Christmas Ride

Wow, He's a Really Big Bear!
Hanging out in my Jammies with my new toy

The Goodies I left for Santa

Santa's Special Note to Me!

My Gifts From Santa

Christmas morning, I awoke to a Christmas song playing on Noah's baby monitor in the bedroom. It was a song that kept singing the words "just believe" over and over. It appeared to be playing a radio station of some sort, Chris and I couldn't figure out why the baby monitor was picking up any kind of music, nothing was on in the house, and there were no cars outside the house that it could have picked it up from. The monitor has never picked up any music before, and hasn't done it since. Nonetheless, it was a nice way to start Christmas morning with such a great message.
Noah stayed in his Santa's Helper Red Jammies with Reindeer feet all day long. I think he was in awe of all the things Santa left him under the tree. I got his first little bike. He has some balancing issues, and of course still requires a five point harness, he seemed to really enjoy it until I put his helmet on, and then it was all over. I think he's still trying to recover from the birthday hats, maybe he'll feel differently about wearing his helmet next week.
He also got a giant teddy bear to lean up against. He still often has a tendency to arch out of sitting, but the bear is big enough so that when he doesn't do that anymore it might help him just prop sit. It's the cutest bear. He also got his first pair of real shoes from his grandma. A pair of little sketchers. They are precious. His remote control car also seemed to be a big hit, he watches it intently and his tracking is amazing. He'll follow it with his eyes wherever it goes.
Christmas was really nice and relaxed. We all took naps through the day, and I was able to cook a really nice Christmas dinner for all of us. It felt wonderful to be home, to celebrate with Noah.
Noah had a major meltdown in therapy today. Probably the biggest meltdown I've ever seen him have at therapy. I felt so bad for his therapist Julie, he really wasn't going to give her much time to work with. It was really unlike Noah to get that upset, especially when someone is holding him. He has been a little constipated and his nap was cut a bit short for therapy, he still has a lot of teeth that need to come in, so it could be anything I suppose that set him off. But he was not his usual easy going self.
Julie and I talked about Noah's potential to crawl, she says with his level of spasticity that it is unlikely that he'll crawl, but that he'll probably find some way of moving about. I suppose I'd be relieved if he even moves like a little worm across the floor, I'd just love to see him be able to be mobile. She also expressed a little concern that Noah is still having some difficulties swallowing or managing his saliva. Something that Chris and I both have recognized over a period of months. Some days he's great, other days he chokes or coughs a bit to correct himself. But so far we've been very lucky that he hasn't had any aspiration problems or has fallen ill as a result.
I've attached some pictures of Noah on his bike and of Christmas. I think he truly had a wonderful holiday.
Stacy, Chris & Noah