Monday, July 26, 2010

Life is Precious

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Today Noah witnessed his first car accident. He's much too little to know what he seen, and I'm thankful for that since it was a bit traumatic. There were two police cars at the light, I remember looking at them both thinking, don't make a driving mistake and don't turn on a caution just in case. Little did I know that those police cars would serve to be the one thing that prevented us from being too close to the car that caused the accident.

Just as I was second guessing my turn, a red car went up and over a huge embankment, headed straight towards us. I had a rush of panic and the car suddenly hit the traffic pole head on which caused the car to turn, avoiding us. I watched as the car drifted past my driver's side with the driver having what seemed to be a seizure, his passenger clearly stunned. I think the driver was having a medical emergency, and lost control, although I'll likely never know for sure. Thankfully those two police officers were there immediately, and hopefully were able to help that driver quicker than if someone had to have been called. I couldn't really stop and stay, knowing I had Noah with me and how difficult that would have been so I left my information if they needed me at a later date. I felt more comfortable knowing that I was leaving with authorities already there to help.

It all could have been so very different for Noah and I had that traffic pole not been there to divert the car. Today angels looked out for us. We were able to come home. We both were okay. It only takes just a blink and your life can change at any moment.

We take our moments here so much for granted. Never fail to remind those around you how much you love them every opportunity you get. Life is fragile and our candle can go out at any time for any reason.

"We only live once. During the down days, if you choose to keep in mind that you probably have more chances than others, more things to be thankful for than others, and more time to live on this Earth than others, you'd be reminded that your life is indeed very precious."


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