Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Noah and his Hugga-Bebe'

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I am always hunting products that we can afford that will assist Noah in his continuing development and growth. I was reading a magazine that somehow found it's way to my mailbox for babies and ran across something called the Hugga-Bebe'. It's a cushioned baby support that assists your baby with sitting. It is not marketed as a special needs product, but it is fantastic and would work for any special needs little one. The price is unbelievably reasonable at $29.00. One of the more less expensive purchases we've made to assist Noah.
The seat is designed to be an insert into bucket swings, bouncy chairs, and walkers. However we took Noah to Costco tonight and also used it as seating support in the grocery cart. It is wonderful. Noah even makes attempts to sit up independently occasionally bringing his entire body and head forward. The only gadget I've found that seems to encourage him to do so. Which will only continue to help strengthen his trunk and back.

Noah is quite tall, and it has room to grow with him. Both babies and toddlers can use this. It has an expandable snapping at the bottom and is both machine and dry. I give this product one of the highest ratings I can. Truly it's one of the better things we have for him.

You can find more information on the Hugga-Bebe' at:

On the update front, Noah continues to roll about. He's getting around quite a lot by rolling over. He does occasionally get stuck when he brings both hands up by his head as if he were going to crawl. Yet I can tell he's thinking about what to do next when I give him time to contemplate his next move. He hasn't figured out how to army crawl but I don't count that out just yet. He seems driven to find a solution and hopefully with more time he'll find the answer he's looking for and will take off.

Noah and I are also going to a mommy and me sensory class later this week, and I'm excited that we'll both be doing something new and hopefully he'll enjoy it. I also thought about exploring a mommy and me yoga class, but I'm not sure if Noah would really find it all that relaxing or not - in addition we can't really afford any more extra-circular activities and therapies.

"Smile, it's free therapy."
Doug Horton