Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Noah & Carpetsaver

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Yesterday, Noah's daddy was a little late coming home from work, which meant that Noah didn't have his daddy's entertainment as I fixed dinner. Of course I got involved in a project that takes a bit of time; Chicken parmesan. I thought for sure Noah would be upset wanting his own dinner while I was trying to cook. But all was quiet, I could hear Elmo and I could hear him scooting about but not a peep in the other room. So I knew all was well and kept going using every minute he'd give me to finish cooking dinner. I got through the entire meal, even being able to bake garlic bread without a single complaint from Noah.

I got his meal ready, put dinner on the table for me, and Chris' in the oven to keep warm, and rounded the corner to get Noah into his highchair only to see that he had abandoned his diaper on the other side of the room. Pee and poop was all over in the middle of the floor, the phone and remote control I had left on the floor covered in Noah's business and he was on the other side with a naked butt and T-shirt smiling away. I should always know that "too quite" means mischievous, even for a special needs little guy.

Thankfully we have this amazing product on our carpets called carpetsaver. We had purchased it to lay over high traffic areas like hallways, both of our staircases, the family room and near patio doors when we brought our two puppies home years before Noah's birth. We've had to replace a couple of the high traffic ones just due to age, but they've lasted us years. Noah lays on carpetsaver primarily as if he lays on a blanket he gets it over his face and can't get uncovered on his own, and if he lays on straight on the carpet he gets rug burn on his cheeks and back from rolling. The great thing about carpetsaver is that it's light foam cling backing doesn't let moisture get through to the carpet, so it was easy just to roll it up and throw it in the washer, no need for me to find any form of carpet cleaner.

If you'd like to learn more about carpetsaver for your special needs little one that lays primarily on the floor or are interested in protecting your carpet you can purchase it online only at:


We're glad Noah had a great time with his first diaper free experience. I have no idea how he got out of that diaper unless he rolled so many times the tabs just gave way and came off. He certainly didn't slip out of it. But, Noah is great about little surprises sometimes, I'll have to keep an eye on him to see if he does it again and how he's doing it.

"Beginnings are always messy."
John Galsworthy


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