Saturday, August 28, 2010

Noah's Fundraiser Night

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Blue Canyon Bliss
Premier Design Jewelery Display

Noah's Ark Lamp

Noah had a great time at his fundraiser it was so nice to be with family and friends. Our new friend, Brigitte with Premier Designs Jewelry gifted Noah with a Noah's Ark family heirloom lamp that had been in her family for sometime. What a sweet and overwhelming gift. It looks exactly like our little Noah. He is so true to his name.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet the owner of the building, Mr. Foss, himself. I've been going to Foss Drugs since I was a little girl, and then frequenting it on my lunch breaks from work as an adult. I was so sad to see Foss Drugs close, but so very glad that he allowed new wonderful tenants; the owners of the Blue Canyon Grill. It was also so very nice to see former law clerks that I hadn't seen since Noah's birth and my resignation. They've all left the courthouse now and gone on to great careers, yet they still took the time to come to help Noah. Judges and division clerks stopping by on their lunch breaks, that I missed seeing, but it means so much just to know they are there for us. My mother's entire work office came, Chris' childhood friend came, family who drove a long distance, and all our closest friends. New friends came, passer-bys who had a soft spot for a little picture of a boy on a flyer. It was like having all this love gathered under one roof. We got to spend the night with the owners, Jolynn and Tedd, and I adore their company. They are the most amazing couple with the biggest hearts on earth. They celebrated the news of my pregnancy with Noah, fed all my cravings, made us a meal when times looked the darkest after Noah's birth, and here they are helping us to find ways to continue to help Noah with his medical and therapy costs. Friendships this beautiful are a gift.

We feel so woven in this incredible blanket of love. You've wrapped us up, hugging us tight with reassurance we will not fall, because all of you are there. I pray that I can one day properly explain to Noah how all of you have come together time after time for him, how much you love him, support him, and would do just about anything for him.

The Blue Canyon Grill is holding one more event for Noah:

Noah's All You Can Eat Pasta Dinner Buffet!
Saturday, September 18th 3:00pm to 6:00pm
The Blue Canyon Grill
1224 Washington Avenue
Golden, CO 80401

Adults $10
Children 10 and under $6

All proceeds will go to help Noah with medical and therapy expenses.

Tickets are on sale now, and all ticket stubs will be entered into a drawing for door prizes.
For more information or to purchase tickets please contact me at or the Blue Canyon Grill at (303) 271-0730.

Thank you all so very much for your continued love, support and prayers.

"One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind."
~Malayan Proverb