Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Noah

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My Sweet Dear Noah,

Happy Birthday Noah, you are two years old today.

Two years ago today, you entered the world and blessed our lives. As you turn two, you still cannot sit, crawl, walk or talk. I have yet to hear a first word, watch you clap your hands, or take your first steps. You still cannot hold a bottle or eat foods other than purees. All those milestones that parents look forward to, we have yet to experience. But we’ve traded them for something far more precious. Something that many would never understand. We are gifted with your life. You are still present and here with us, what a treasure. The world would be dull and my days would be so dark without you in it.

Your smile and laughter brings a special kind of love to all that know you. You’re teaching us so much about life, about what hope and faith really means. How you can’t give up. I watch each movement you make and the struggle it is for you. The simplest things that we all take for granted. It is something I cannot give you. Something that I cannot teach you. You have become my teacher. Teaching me patience and faith in all things yet to come. Yet despite all your challenges sweet Noah you don’t seem to dwell on your physical situation. There is not sadness in your eyes, you are happy. I know you realize now that you are limited, but you keep trying I see you thinking of ways to get around your physical limitations.

We celebrate you today and get ready to also celebrate your 3rd Christmas. We celebrate how far we’ve come. We recognize and give thanks for all the days, minutes and seconds we’ve been gifted with you in our lives. A little boy that no one thought would make it, a little boy that would have no quality of life, a little boy that fought against all odds with the help of the power of prayer. A team of angels gathered for you, I still suspect you see them. I simply cannot. But I know you tell me something is watching over us. I see it with your eyes. Those precious blue eyes that are as crystal clear as your daddy’s.

Your daddy and you continue to bond into this beautiful father-son relationship, and I’m so privileged to witness it. He loves you beyond all measure, he never waivers not one second in the possibilities that lay ahead for you. He tells me all the time he wouldn’t trade you for anything. He comforts me on the days I have fears for your future, telling me all will be okay because we’re a family and we’ll always be together.

We only can take things a day at a time, but I’m so glad that my days are spent with you. I don’t mind if we go to a thousand therapies, or if I still have to hold a bottle for you, or snuggle you tight to comfort you. I’d do anything for you. This love knows no limits and has no end. We’re so blessed to be your parents. I couldn’t ask for a sweeter little boy. A precious little soul, with so much love to give the entire world.

Happy 2nd birthday, we love you so very much.


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