Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bring on the Wonder

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Noah in his grandma's babies seat

Noah notices that Costco sells Elmo DVD's!

The beautiful sun on our walk to the lake

We had an opportunity to try Noah's grandma's special needs baby seat today when we went to Costco. It is a wonderful seat for him. Sits right inside the cart and offers him the back and head support he needs since he cannot sit unsupported and unassisted. It is a must have chair for anyone that has a special needs baby. I highly recommend it. I like it so much, that when Noah outgrows this seat we will consider having another custom made for him that is bigger.

The seat of course gathers a lot of attention from other people. Many were curious about it - full of wonder. I imagine that will happen more often the older Noah gets whether he is able to walk in a kidwalk or a frame if he ever happens to get that strong. People are naturally curious about things they don't see all the time or that are "different." It's okay really, Chris and I aren't at all embarrassed by Noah or all the special things that go along with being his parents. We remain honored that God gave us such a gift regardless of how that gift was wrapped.

Sure I'd be stretching the truth if I said this is easy. It's not, it's far from easy. Our days can be complicated and full of trials, but we're doing the best we can to get through all the bumps as a family. It's really all any of us can do. And I feel that there are so many people who genuinely love Noah no matter what he is physically able to do. They see past all that just like we do, to bear witness to that sweet spirit that resides within.

My mother is the most loving grandmother I think could ever walk the face of the earth. She loves him beyond all measure. She is so proud of him. And I love how she craves to be near him and love him, and make him happy every second she can. Love without any borders and definitions. The two of them have such a beautiful bond. It's like they've known each other much longer than Noah's short eighteen months of age.

"From wonder into wonder existence opens"
Lao Tzu