Monday, June 14, 2010

Rainbows After the Rain

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The rain detoured Noah's outdoor activities this weekend. I was joking with my mother the other day that Noah can sleep through the worst hail storms, the loudest thunder, and the heaviest of rain like it's nothing. But can wake up to a pin dropping on the floor. She says it's because the weather is an act of God where the other sounds are not. Which is probably very true considering our little Noah.

We got the grandmas chair, but due to the weather being very cold and terribly wet for the last three days, we weren't able to try it out in a grocery cart. It's a wonderfully made chair, that has had a lot of effort put into designing it. I wish we would have found it when Noah was three months old. If you know of a very little special needs baby this is a must have. Noah however won't be able to use it for very long because he's getting so big, maybe six months at best.

Chris and I also noticed Noah doing one new thing this weekend. During feedings Noah will take his left hand and bring it up to hold my wrist, often time swatting the spoon in his efforts to do so. Food is launched all over the place, and the dogs are thankful that finally the baby is producing food on the floor after all these months. I think Noah is a southpaw. I had seen him leaning in that direction for awhile now. At first we thought Noah was swatting food, or trying to grab us in an attempt to signal either he didn't like what was on the menu, or was full. But he does it with everything including his summertime favorite; ice cream. We think it is Noah's first attempt at wanting to feed himself. Even still we have a long way to go, as he still isn't bending the elbow to get it to his mouth, he just knows he wants the spoon. I have a feeling mealtime is going to get a lot more messy for us, as I plan to let Noah explore even more now knowing he is interested in trying to feed himself. I also anticipate eating will take a bit longer if I encourage his help, but if he is now ready to try, I'm ready to help him in any way I can.
Bring on hundreds of wash clothes...

Noah also got a new toy this weekend courtesy of his dad who couldn't resist it in the store. It is a V-tech Skippy Puppy. It's a puppy toy that moves around the floor on it's own and if it bumps into something it moves backwards. Noah loves toys like this since he can't go after them himself. I think it gives him a sense of actively participating. He also has a V-tech ball that does something similar as it rolls around on it's own on the floor. It will move away from him and then sometimes back and forth as he bats at it or kicks it. It gave him something new to do since the weather didn't cooperate enough to let him be with nature.

"And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow." Gilbert K. Chesteron.


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