Saturday, June 5, 2010

Noah Goes to Saturn

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Noah had days this week where he'd roll over and over to get around until of course he'd get himself stuck in a corner or up against a potted plant and I'd have to rescue him. It's of course slow but steady rolling. He doesn't always do it as much everyday, but when he does he's sure great at it.

Noah and I had a new venture this week together. The car dealership. The first time we've really had to go just the two of us. The car suffered a ungraceful injury and needed repair. I've been a Saturn owner for as long as I've been driving, and have gone to the same dealership since. Over the years they've become a bit like family, I know most of them all by first names. They've all rescued me out of a lot of situations over the past years, and offered me tremendous kindness at the same time. Not many people can say they love dealing with car salesmen, dealerships and repair, but we can. They've been the simply the best over the years. Now that the Saturn line has been discontinued they are closing forever at the end of this month. Many of them have moved on to other jobs now, a few familiar faces remain. They've never met Noah before this week, although I've told them about him. As soon as he walked in, they knew him, told me they've been reading about him online.

My heart was touched that this wonderful group of people cared beyond just doing their jobs. They cared enough to know about us as a family. We will miss them all.

Noah of course hated the waiting room as soon as the lady he was flirting with left to retrieve her car from service, so we had to walk around the now vacant showroom. A spot that I had my picture taken with my first car is now empty. Cubicles that filled once energized salesmen are abandoned. The smell of new paint, rubber and upholstery has disappeared. There really wasn't much for Noah to look at, but he enjoyed the company and conversation from the receptionist and only salesman on the floor. He's very much a social butterfly - a gene I still insist was given to him courtesy of his grandmother.

Overall I think Noah had a great visit there, he always has enjoyed watching cars. He loves cars and airplanes a lot. I'd love to take him to the Runway Grill Restaurant that allows you to watch planes take off on the runway while eating at the airport when we have extra money to dine-out. I suppose that's the only advantage to living near an airport and continuous flight pattern. I think he'd have a great time there.

We just ordered a new seat for Noah that we're hopeful that would accommodate him better in grocery carts and restaurant highchairs. It's a special needs support seat from

All things considering in the special needs world it was something that wasn't over a hundred dollars and that we were able to safely put on a credit card. We're hopeful that it will work for him. It would be a wonderful find if it works. And something other parents might benefit from too. The seller also custom makes them for older children that need support and are not yet sitting unassisted. Hopefully it will arrive soon and I can give a better review of how it is working for Noah.

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." Leo F. Buscaglia


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