Sunday, June 28, 2009

Noah & Father's Day

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Father's Day was so nice for Chris. He spent literally almost the entire day toting Noah around in his arms like his personal trophy. Sometimes it just seems like we're in a dream and need to pinch ourselves. Six, short months ago, a mother's day or father's day seemed like something we'd never be able to celebrate.

We went to Coscto over the last weekend and seen Heather, my sweet, dear friend, who has coordinated Noah's Benefit Concert. She made the most breath-taking blown up photo posters for the concert, along with lots of benefit invitations. She showed them to me as they had just been developed as we were leaving. I wanted to cry on the way to the car, from just being completely overwhelmed with this feeling of love. Old friends, new friends, family, strangers, even Noah's doctors at Children's have helped me so much during these past months. I've drawn my strength from your emails, kind words of encouragement and support and most of all you touch my heart with how much you genuinely care for Noah.

Yesterday was Noah's six month baby well-being doctor's appointment. Luckily I found a doctor in time to keep in fairly on target for check-ups. I know it wasn't what I was exactly hoping for but in the end it was exactly what I had wanted. The doctor was very soft and sweet, full of hope for Noah, and seemed to understand every motherly word that I spoke. The office was friendly, the nurses fantastic. For whatever reason that was the place we wound up at, it was supposed to be. Noah is very long for his age, 26.5 inches, but is not super heavy, 14 lbs and 4.2 ounces. I had guessed maybe about 16 lbs, but I was wrong. But they say he's doing fine even though he's long and lean, and no doubt about it, he's a good eater.

I finally feel like maybe we're finally turning the page and getting on track for Noah, lining up new therapy and finding a pediatrician. There's a sense of relief that I feel. We drove home yesterday from the doctor's office in one of the biggest downpours we've driven in for quite a while, streets flooded, I was worried we were going to get stuck like other cars, but we made it through, and on the way home it cleared so that we could drive into our double rainbow. Rainbows mean so much to me these days, like signs on the days I need them the most, reassurance that God is always with me. Thank you all so much for praying that Noah would find a good pediatrician, I think this is going to be a good match for us, I felt very comfortable with our doctor. I've attached a copy of Noah's Benefit Concert Invitation for this Sunday and pictures of daddy and Noah from Father's Day.

Love, Stacy, Chris & Noah