Sunday, August 23, 2009

Noah Turns Eight Months Old!

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Noah turned eight months old today. Time is such a strange thing, at times you feel as if it's passed you by. Yet at other times you think it's standing still. It's so still so very fresh those critical first days of Noah's life, yet I look at him and see how it's beyond amazing how far he's come in such a short amount of time. And then I pray with all my heart that time will bring Noah complete healing. I must remain patient, it will come.

Noah went to a bar-b-que today, I think it was his first friend-event of the summer! Bill and Marge had invited us to their home so that those from the healing room could have a chance to meet Noah. Their prayers and love for him continue to mean so much to our family. I know I can't possibly say this enough but I know that God is listening to all of you, he hears your precious pleas for our Noah. None of you have given up on him, still soldiering on for him. We thank you always.

This will be a big week for Noah, his first round of a lot of therapy. Three times a week now we'll be making the drive. I know a lot of hard work lies ahead for Noah. I feel so badly sometimes that he must work harder for what comes naturally for most. But in the end, God may have intended it that way. Noah for whatever reason must know what it's like to fight hard and to feel accomplishments in a different way. And the lessons it's teaching his parents is no less invaluable. I once felt I had the world by the feet, anything was in my reach, my dreams were always obtainable, my goals right at my finger tips. Now life has shifted as it rightfully should. My dreams are no longer my own, they belong to Noah, and it's his goals and achievements that I look forward to. And with every small milestone he is able to accomplish it feels like I've won the lottery each and every day. Yet Noah is the biggest winner, for he's been granted the chance at life.

There's so many things I hope Noah can do before his first birthday, I'd love to rush his timeline along and have him sitting, crawling and walking. I know that may or may not happen. Things are in "Noah time" not mine.

Noah also had a visit from his Grandma Linda today, Noah always loves it when his family is around. And I think the dogs especially enjoyed it because they got their much needed attention! Hollie always knows she'll get to play fetch and Brystal will get her much overdue belly rub.

Noah sends his hellos to all, thank you for never giving up hope, for loving Noah all these hard months, new friends, old friends, family and those I've yet to meet but that I know await us on this road, that have all become a part of our lives.

Stacy, Chris & Noah