Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Noah's 9 Months Old

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Noah is now 9 months old. Noah still isn't doing things that most 9 month olds can do. He still cannot sit, cannot roll, cannot get his hands to his mouth with toys and still struggles to even grasp a toy. Yet Noah's smile and laughter seems to make up for any thing that he lacks physically. He grows happier by the day, and I'm so very glad that I feel like he really wants to be here, our little fighter. And even though every day is filled with a new obstacle, something that is always difficult or even painful, I know that God continues to hold Noah in his hands.
Noah was finally able to be in a regular snugglie. His head control has improved enough that he can now be in one without his head bobbing forward or backward. That in itself is a huge improvement. Noah also had another first today. He had mashed potatoes of the first time. I was so nervous that he wouldn't be able to swallow them and that he'd gag and choke, but he did great, just like he knew exactly what to do.
I am beyond proud of Noah. He has come so far in these 9 months. I'm so in love with this little person. He teaches me something every single day. His eyes filled with God's love staring at me every morning, with an unspoken, "I'm glad to be here mommy". I feel so very blessed that God trusted me to care for his child. In the beginning you question what did I do wrong to deserve this heartache and pain? But it's not about what I did wrong or right, this was not punishment, but rather a reward. God graced me with just that one wish. He let Noah stay. Even though I think God had already made arrangements for Noah's purpose that December day filled with the promise in a rainbow, I'm glad he heard my pleas for this beautiful little life that I get to be with each day.

My life is better because Noah is in it. I'm so thankful for him. And I remain in awe that Noah remains still loved by so many after all these months. You have not forgotten him, you remember his miracle. He reminds all of us that God is always there. Thank you for continuing to support our family, for still remaining connected to our family and Noah's journey.

Stacy, Chris & Noah