Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Leap of Faith

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Brystal performing her roll-over dog therapy

Noah's Rear Action (without assistance)

We decided to take a huge leap of faith this week. Chris and I decided to put traditional therapy on hold to pursue the ABM method exclusively. We've gone back and forth with the pros and cons for days. The biggest hurdle is wanting to pursue ABM but realizing we are on our own financially to pursue it. Medicaid will not recognize ABM as therapy and considers it strictly alternative. But we both agreed that our instincts are telling us we have to try, even if we fail, we can say we tried it - gave it a hundred and ten percent of all our efforts.

I dreaded approaching our physical and occupational therapist with this idea to put traditional therapy on the back-burner for a while. Primarily because I've created such an amazing bond with them both. They both were so loving and supportive when I told them our plans. And genuinely want nothing but the best for Noah always. I know they will continue to always be there whenever we are ready to start up therapy again, and if I need help or support in the meantime.
We have been doing ABM therapy on an off for the last few weeks. Noah seems to be responding very well to it from what we can tell. Granted people may measure progress by sitting, crawling, walking and talking, but for Noah we have to give him the building blocks before he can do any of those things. There is no immediate cure for brain damage. But I continue to hope that we'll build good bridges with everything that we try. And I think it's important to remember that no one thing is going to be a cure. All therapies are different all results are different and most importantly every single disabled child is different. They are like snowflakes. Beautiful creations but no two are alike.

Noah continues to be a night owl. We're almost to the point where we've given up on the idea that he'll ever be a great sleeper. He just keeps making his bedtime later and later regardless of his napping schedule during the day. He can still make it to 11pm. No matter what we try. And of course he'll still get up a few times in the night after that. Noah has also acquired the skill of putting his butt in the air with both knees bent while being on his tummy. We are quite proud he's learned to do this. I call it the stink bug position since his face still remains planted on the floor with only his butt being lifted. Our littlest dog, Brystal, in the last two days has also decided to become one of Noah's therapists (we're happy she's not charging us for her roll over services). She will walk over to Noah nudge him in the middle of his stomach to get his attention and then rolls over on her back and stays there for minutes before starting the process over again. We think she's demonstrating the art of rolling over. It's quite cute, and loving and I'm happy to report I caught a picture of her in action.

Gives new meaning to "living on a prayer."

Stacy, Chris & Noah