Friday, December 24, 2010

Noah's 2nd Birthday

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Noah had a wonderful Birthday. I think he kind of knew in someway that the day was about him. I dressed him up in an Elmo shirt that a friend had sent us in a care box of clothes to match his themed birthday. We went to Das Meyer and picked up his cakes, his baby cake for his birthday, customized with chocolate mouse filling and whipped cream topping, and natural dyes so he'd be able to eat some parts of it. And a Christmas cake for his 3rd Christmas. It was so wonderful because the bakery remembers Noah from last year and his first birthday cake. I got a big hug from the girl who helped me to the car with his cakes. Along the way you just get really attached to those who have these amazing hearts. They become like extended family. I got Noah three little Elmo balloons for his birthday. Elmo items can be quite costly so he didn't get the great big ones they had, but I know he was totally thrilled with even one Elmo balloon. He watches them sway back and forth.

We sang happy birthday twice for Noah (because you could see he wanted an encore performance). And then just when we told Noah to blow out his candle it went out on it's own. Just like that. Maybe an angel blew it out for him because he couldn't do it himself. It was one of those moments where you just wonder did I really just see that happen? Noah smiled as he put one hand in his cake and smeared it. His daddy trying to show him that his hand was yummy and putting it to his mouth. Noah still doesn't quite understand the relationship to hand in mouth, even with whipped cream on it. But that's okay, we're still here to help him.

We all shared in some of Noah's itty bitty cake. We opened presents for him, I thought maybe the wrapping paper would keep his interest but it didn't. He may have been frustrated too that he couldn't do it himself. It's hard to tell. But as soon as the presents were out and about he was thrilled.

Noah's buddy Bill and his wife Marge stopped by too to wish him a happy birthday. It always feels complete when they come to visit little Noah. And it's always so nice to visit with them. Noah always smiles at Bill, those two will always have a connection. Overall it was a blessed, calm day. Thank you to everyone who sent him well wishes & birthday cards, we keep everything for him in special little keepsake boxes so he can know one day how much people around the world have been cheering him on. All that positive energy bundled up I'm sure will make the biggest difference in his life one day.

Tonight Noah gets to sleep in his Elmo Christmas pajamas and wait on Santa's arrival. I think he's been an extra good boy this year. God bless and to all a good night.


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