Sunday, March 27, 2011

Noah's New Gadgets

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Noah has had a pretty good week. It was slower than usual for our schedule since some therapy was on spring break this week. Noah and I just watched some of his sprouts grow that I tried to germinate in the house prior to making them fend for themselves outdoors since our nights are still a bit too cold for baby spud survival. I got him a new toothbrush kit, which I'm totally in love with. I wish I had found it months ago for him. It's a vibrating toothbrush and gum stimulator. It doesn't vibrate back and forth like you'd think an adult tooth brush would, but gentle vibrations rather as you brush traditionally. I think it totally makes the need for any Nuk gadget obsolete. Noah actually chases it around in his mouth with his tongue which I have to believe is good exercise for both oral eating and potential speech. But I highly recommend it. I'm very impressed with it. The only draw back is that they don't sell replacement heads yet for the toothbrush, even though it comes with one spare, after that you'd be forced to purchase a brand new pack.

I also found another really cool gadget. It is a soon that screws onto the top of the organic pouch foods, made by Plum Organics. The dispensing soon is fantastic for traveling with. Most children Noah's age could just squeeze the pouch full of food themselves, but since he physically can't do that yet, this attach-on spoon makes it so much easier to feed him in between appointments and therapies, or even at home. I still try to Vitamix what meals I can for him, but realistically we're still dependent on baby food, even though the cost for us is much higher than it would be for most families since Noah cannot eat solids.

We also switched Noah from Pediasure to Organic Pedia Smart. It comes in Vanilla and Chocolate and he seems to really enjoy it. It does taste different than Pediasure, but I think in a rather good way. I'm really excited that he's taking a liking to it, as the ingredients are a lot better for his health long term, and he still isn't a child that will drink juice or plain milk no matter how much I try to encourage it. I'm sure he will eventually, but like with everything with Noah it is just super slow.

Noah seems to be enjoying his newly decorated room, minus the fact that we can't get his stickers to stick properly to his wall. That's really what you get for trying to decorate on a shoe string. Creatively I'm currently trying to figure out ways to get them to stick better without making them permanent like wallpaper. So far I've found that the Creative Memories Scrapbooking Frosted Photo Splits are doing the best job. But just as you get one to stay up, another one falls.

Noah's gait trainer is also destined to arrive April 5th. I'm guarding my excitement as I hope he'll walk in it, but I don't know for sure. I remain hopeful that he'll find a way to walk in it and really have a mobile opportunity during the summer months when we can take his walker outside. I think we only have a couple of neighbors that know that Noah is special needs, so I'm sure as we walk around the block we'll have lots of questions since in a stroller he looks pretty much like an average toddler. There won't be much room to use the walker indoors due to our house design. Please continue to say little prayers that Noah continues to grow stronger, and that with each day he finds more freedom in movement. That he will find a way someday to walk and talk. Love,