Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Blessed Baptism

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Today Luke and Noah were baptized. For those who have followed Noah since birth, you may remember that Noah was baptized at Children's Hospital when we believed that his time with us would be short. However, there were certain aspects to the ceremony that we were not completed for Noah, the cloth and the candle. So today we finished the ceremonial part of his baptism along with Luke's entire baptism. I was so glad that Noah was able to be included, his baptism was sad and difficult for us, and this made things feel a new. Noah had his proxy Godparent there, which comforted Chris and I to have someone there for him.

They each wore matching outfits, that Luke's Godmother purchased for them. They looked absolutely heavenly, and I do mean heavenly. It was a very small baptism, but it was a beautiful day. The kind of day I will always hold dear in my heart. There were only two people that attended to celebrate the boys. I've always said if you have at least one person who loves and cares about you in this world that is all that you need. And Chris and I love Noah and Luke so much that I pray we can make up the difference for the missing family members that wish not to be a part of their lives. Luke's Godmother got the boys a beautiful cake from Das Meyer, our favorite cake bakery in the whole world. All great occasions are always extra sweet with a Das Meyer cake.

Noah did beautifully in church, I really do think Noah has this connection - this deep knowledge that comes from his thirteen minutes struggling to get back to us. To be around Noah is a divine kind of love. And Luke he brings up the rear with love and understanding to accompany Noah's great gifts.

Luke's Godmother wrote an incredibly special letter for Noah today, the kind of letter that makes you all teary:

Dear Noah,
From day one you have been a light to this world Not many can say they have inspired people to pray, to trust in God and to believe in miracles as you have. The way the eyes are the window to the soul. Through yours it seems as though we can see God himself! As we celebrate the completion of your baptism today, I wish you peace, love and all God's blessings. There's a song I sing to myself when I think of you. My favorite line... "God danced the day you were born."

Isn't that the kind of letter that just makes a mom melt? (And Luke's letter was just as beautiful). How blessed I am that I am able to share this little boy with so many. What a privilege it is that God trusted me to care for two of his little ones.


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