Tuesday, December 27, 2011


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Noah had a great Christmas. This was the first year that he genuinely seemed interested and sat in his daddy's lap for the opening of gifts without getting upset. We had two little casualties this season, I broke off Joseph's fingers on our nativity, and Chris got overly confident that an excited Noah could not reach his treasured Christmas house that plays Trans-Siberian Orchestra music (which was our first concert together). This was the first year in six years that he took it out of the box, placed on the ground so Noah could see it better, and Noah goes and swats the little snowman in the front yard and flings it across the room. Poor house, thank goodness for superglue. I think next year we'll get the little people's nativity that won't break and put the house back in the safe box... Chris handled the accident rather well, I suppose although he was sad his house got injured he was happy that Noah broke something for the very first time. As for Joseph's fingers - well I've tried to glue them back together twice without success. Joseph remains fingerless, now packed away safely in a box.

Noah however hasn't been doing fantastic with the soft solids like he was a couple of weeks ago. It is almost like he forgot that he could do it. But I think it is temporary, it's all new for him, and we really don't want to force or rush this for him. It's all Noah time. He'll decide when and if he wants to eat soft solids. So I'm trying not to be heartbroken that he seems not to be able to really handle it this week. He did it once, well more than once - so he'll do it again.

The new year is fast approaching. I have no resolutions other than to keep fighting as hard as I can for all that Noah needs. I am hoping that a pediatric wheelchair will be in his future this year. It has been nearly two years since we obtained the kidcart that Noah sincerely hates. We have a Stingray on trial, and Noah seems to really like it. I had originally thought the cuddlebug would be a good match for him, but the cuddlebug is like sitting in a giant pillow, and I think it would limit the movement he already has. The stingray lets him exercise the skills he currently has, while offering him the necessary support. We've been warned that Medicaid will likely deny it. It is a tremendously difficult position to be in knowing Noah needs items that we can't get for him. More than anything we pray that the new year will bring huge healing for Noah. I would love nothing more than if this was the year of talking. We continue to hope, pray and have faith in all things possible.

Stacy, Chris, Noah & Luke

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