Sunday, November 13, 2011

Noah's 3rd Halloween

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Noah's Upright Swing

Noah's Blues Clues Pumpkin

Noah the Race Car Driver

Noah had a good Halloween. He made a cute little race car driver. Noah refused to wear his hat, he isn't into hats... or hoodies even. I think it still goes back to his birth trauma and even potentially having his head cooled for days. He doesn't much like it if you fiddle with putting things on his head. Who could blame him? However, he's fine if you want to brush his hair, or kiss his head - or even give him a haircut.

I think Noah's sensory issues are improving, I haven't seen his gag reflex in about two months, and he's also welcomed his animated Elmo's back into his life, finding them fun and entertaining. He's even starting to blossom into different interests. I see him rolling around the floor to get to his toys and intently spends a lot of time swatting and attempting to reach for things. I think his head control is even getting stronger. When I carry him he is able to turn his head to the direction we are traveling now, something he couldn't do before. Things are slow, but we continue to work hard everyday to help Noah make gains. I still cling to the belief that miracles happen everyday.

Noah's grandma got him an early Christmas present. A swing so that he can have different motion than the platform swing offers him. Our basement has become much of a therapy gym for Noah. I am so tickled that we have a swing for Noah that we can also attach to a swingset in the summer months. Finally, Noah can swing like other children his age. I especially love the H-Harness, I think I much prefer it over a 5-point harness for Noah, it seems to offer him the stability he needs with softness and security.

I think I have hit a record with the earliest I have ever put the Christmas tree up. It was up November 5th - There is something so hopeful about Christmas, that I itch to participate in the season. A reminder as I walk the house, toting Noah in my arms that love, laughter and blessings are all around us. It is magical to see a child light up over lights, a train that circles a tree, gifts that have their names on them. All things seem possible at Christmas. A special kind of innocence that we seem to lose the older we get. The child-like awe and wonder amazes me. I gravitate towards it... I actually crave it... once remembering exactly how I felt at particular ages along my childhood. And now I am privileged to watch my own children create holiday memories. You must always draw upon all the sweet moments in life to get through the difficult ones. It is key to staying positive along the way. I am certain of it.

There is a quote that I just love by Annette Funicello, "Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful." Chris and I are truly doing the best we can to find our rainbow in some often times very dark clouds. Perfection is overrated. What a life lesson to realize that you don't have to be perfect to be wonderful. One of the many things Noah is showing me, and hopefully showing the rest of the world as well. He is wonderful in every sense of that word.

Everyday I am simply in awe of how hard Noah is trying. If love can move mountains as they say, then watch out world because Noah is going to do great things in his lifetime. We are so dedicated to this little boy, he is the center of our world.


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