Saturday, March 24, 2012

Service Dog Help for Noah

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News on the Medicaid front is that Noah's benefits will be re-instated within 5-7 days. I am hopeful but not overly confident that this will finally get corrected. I do however have a letter that was faxed stating that Noah is eligible for Medicaid should he have a medical emergency and I need to take him to a doctor, so I have some relief there. Noah also got some new special needs shoes this week, he's been adjusting to them okay. We've also been trying bamboo braces for Noah and they offer him a range of stability to try to prop sit with assistance. It is still a very difficult task for him, but we continue to work with him everyday. Noah is in full-swing summer mode, requiring daily walks after dinner.

We received a call that after a year of being on the wait list for hippotherapy that there may be a spot for Noah mid-April, while we weren't promised a spot yet, we are asking for prayers to make it possible. We are hopeful that the rhythm of a horse's gait will help strengthen Noah's head and trunk control and maybe even bring about the beginnings of communication for him. We of course aren't sure how we will fund the $750 every 10 weeks, but will pray that God will also find a way for that too.

Chris and I have decided to pursue obtaining a service dog for Noah and his needs. This dog would be trained in many areas from alerting us of the onset of a possible seizure should Noah ever experience them again, mobility and stability and be trained to call for help. The service dog will also be Noah's life companion pulling his wheelchair and bringing him things such as toys since he can't do it himself. We also have been told that a dog will help with Noah's socialization in the world and people will be less likely to see Noah as handicapped when they see he has a companion dog by his side. A concept I find intriguing and comforting. We decided to work with a local agency that would work directly with Noah and our family's individual needs. The organization is called Noelle's Dogs Four Hope. The total cost of obtaining Noah a service dog is $8,000. Something we cannot do without help.

Noelle's Dogs Four Hope is taking donations on Noah's behalf to help raise money to obtain him a dog. If you would like to help, please send your donations to Noelle's Dogs Four Hope at: 15954 Jackson Creek Parkway, Suite B, PMB #453, Monument, CO 80132. You must put Noah's name on the payment for him to receive credit. Thank you so much in advance for helping Noah. We are hopeful we can make this a reality for him.

Thank you all for continuing to think of Noah and sending prayers and positive thoughts our way. We feel it on our hardest days and it continues to keep us hopeful in all things possible.


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