Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Littlest Team Member

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Today is National Sibling Day.  In the land of special needs sometimes people forget the entire family... mostly that special needs journey impacts us all right down to our littlest member Luke.  Luke turns two tomorrow.   A very fast two years filled with more challenges than our family should ever had to face.  Luke has become my sidekick in care, Noah's best friend and playmate, and without complaint learned more patience than any other two year old I know.   He willingly places his needs secondary, knowing just by watching that Noah has needs that require extra time and care. 

He is both accommodating and kind, side-stepping and playing with a brother that lays on the ground and cannot sit up, allows Noah each day to pick the DVD's of his choice even if it wouldn't be Luke's first pick, forfeits going outside to swing in the sun because he knows I only have two hands, not four...

Yet he doesn't harbor resentment or jealousy.  His tender innocence, unconditional love, and his caring ways shine like the same beacon of light that his brother shines with.  Hope.  Faith.  Love.

Outsiders looking in might say that it's an unfair design.  I suppose you could say that what has happened to us is unfair to the entire family, but most of all Noah.   But we willingly do all that we can as a family, even Luke, to do the best we can with our circumstances.  It's not easy on any of us.   We just are doing all we can for each other. 

The bond between Noah and Luke if you watch is a beautiful thing.  It knows no limits, no boundaries.  Just pure love.  The purest love you could ever know.   I have no doubt that Luke will do the best he can to include Noah in all things in life.   And Luke I know someday you'll be all grown going from age two to twenty-two in a blink of an eye.  And someday you might read this, and know how very proud I am of you.  You are such an amazing child and you are so loved and treasured.   You're a great little brother and Noah couldn't have asked for God to send anyone better to help him on his journey. 


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