Thursday, August 8, 2013

Breaking Silence

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I have sat in silence about something very difficult in our lives since Noah was born.  And now I have made the decision to speak out and openly discuss what has been happening in our lives all this time behind the scenes.   After Noah's birth we sought the truth about the circumstances of his birth and what happened.  What we discovered was truly heartbreaking - prolonged distress on a fetal monitoring strip showed Noah was crying out for help and was not delivered timely, ultimately causing him to be born dead - not breathing and without a heartbeat.  After thirteen long minutes Noah was resuscitated but the damage had been done.  Noah suffered global brain damage.   After contacting attorneys and multiple medical experts it was determined that a medical malpractice lawsuit should be filed to hold two nurses, a doctor and the hospital responsible for what happened to Noah.  We endured nearly four years of legal proceedings before Noah's case went to trial in February of this year.  After a four week trial, in March a jury ruled in favor of the Defendants.  We remain devastated and stunned by the jury's verdict.  The Defendants sought a bill of costs against us for what they claim it took them to fight against us.  A Judge agreed and awarded costs in the amount of $173,916.76 and an amount of $166,162.41. Channel 9news, Denver, Colorado will be airing Noah's story after the Bronco's game tonight. A web link of the story will be posted when it becomes available.  I want to truly thank all of you who were praying so hard for Noah and our family, to those who continually offered me words of encouragement on my worst days, when I failed to properly explain the root of my despair and grief.  I am so sorry I was unable to tell all of you at the time what was happening all these years.

"A Colorado family with a disabled child is being forced to pay a hospital's $340,000 legal bill after losing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Some of the items in the bill include desserts, dinners, bar tabs and even a hotel smoking fine for the other side. Tonight, after the game, I'll show you the legal consequences of losing a lawsuit and we hear from the family stuck with the bill." - Jeremy Jojola, 9news Reporter


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