Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ireland Accommodations: Who Says There Is No Place Like Home?

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The Park Inn Radisson in Belfast was quick to great us with a friendly hello.  We were given two sets of keys; for joining 2 rooms together, numbers 214 and 216.  They lovingly assisted us with our cumbersome luggage to our rooms.  The rooms were nicely decorated, warm and inviting.  When we reached the adjoining room, room number 216 we were simply in awe.   Our hosts arranged and rented a hospital bed for Noah for the hotel room we were staying in.  And not only did they rent this amazing bed for him, but the perfect air mattress that constantly had a flow of air to go with it to make sure he didn't receive any pressure sores from sleep.   The room also came with the biggest handicapped accessible bathroom I have likely ever seen.  It even had a emergency rope which we quickly realized Luke liked to pull.  When it's pulled it gets the front desk's attention immediately!
The hospital bed for Noah in the hotel

Noah's handicapped accessible bathroom in the hotel
And a blender to blend Noah's foods waited for us in the lobby of the hotel to pick up so that we could puree all of Noah's meals while in Ireland.  I love that little Tesco blender so much!  Fabulous product!  We set up Noah's room first lining his bed with pillows so his arms and legs didn't get stuck in the side rail bars.  Hotel housekeeping was so pleasant and helpful in offering us extra supplies and bedding to make up Noah's bed.  His dad had a twin bed and slept in the same room as Noah, while Luke and I slept in the same bed in the other room. 
The blender we used to make Noah's food
We settled in for the evening arriving late afternoon Belfast time.  We were so hungry and exhausted from the plane trip that we ordered room service, and went to bed by 6pm Belfast time.  Each bedroom had it's own temperature controls.  The room Noah and Chris were in was chilly and we had the hardest time converting Celsius to Fahrenheit - we were guessing and went from being really chilly to baked in an oven!  For the most part the boys slept well through the first night, however come early morning hours I thought I heard Luke with a case of the hiccups but upon closer listen he was actually heaving and getting ready to throw up.  I yanked him out of bed, carried him to the bathroom and laid him on a towel where he proceeded to throw up everywhere.  So not good I thought to myself.  Child number one is sick!  
Our first room service meal in Ireland

Chris gets up to see what is happening and no sooner than does he join us we hear Noah starting to get sick and throw up.  We too get him to the bathroom where he throws up on a towel all over the floor as well.  Child number two is sick!  Chris and I both look at each other, like this can't be happening.  We just got here!  How are we ever going to do anything with two sick children.  In my panic I contact our host, who is lovely and assures us he'll assist and find us a chemist if need be to help.   We cleaned up the boys and watched them for a while, determining that Noah's room was much to hot and we likely overheated him not knowing what Celsius temperatures were, which likely was the cause of his vomiting.  Luke we really aren't sure other than maybe jet lag or over exhaustion, but by mid-morning both boys were doing really well and had eaten breakfast and drink without any problems.  And were full of giggles and smiles.

Relieved that we had gotten both boys to feeling better we decided to watch a little television.  In order to give them just a little relax time we turned it to the children's channel called Cbeebies and we were delighted at the very first thing we seen...


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