Monday, April 7, 2014

An Open Letter to Medicaid

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Upon arriving home I had the pleasure of opening a letter from Medicaid indicating they had obtained a Court Order for an extension of time as they decided to appeal the Judge's decision allowing Noah to have the Krabat Pilot Crawling device, along with an a request for continuance to obtain the Court transcript of the first hearing that resulted in a Judge granting Noah the crawler.   Mad is an understatement.   A Judge awards Noah a crawler device and they're so spiteful they continue to fight me.   Unbelievable.  They now have a continuance until April 21st to obtain the transcript, then I assume another hearing which will likely take place in another one-two months.  By the time this is resolved we'll be at this over a year - not to mention the ordering time involved from the DME (Durable Medical Equipment Provider) if I can finally see my way clear of Medicaid.

For those who may not be up to speed about our fight for the crawler since October of 2013, you can read about it here

Should I be surprised?  Probably not, after all they are spending so much money fighting me in order to block me from obtaining this for Noah that in then end they could have funded two or three of them.  Really that's how you chose to use tax payer dollars?  Truly.   Yep, Truly.    So Medicaid this is my open letter to you! 

Dear Medicaid,

Blast you to hell! 
May the gates of paradise never open to you.
May the lamb of God stir his hoof through the roof of heaven and kick you in the arse down to hell.
The crows' curse on you.
May you be eaten by an awful itch!
Pissmires and spiders be in your bed.
Curse of the seven snotty orphans on you.
May you find the bees but miss the honey!
May the curse of Mary Malone and her nine blind illegitimate children chase you so far over the Hills of Damnation that the Lord himself can't find you with a telescope.
May you leave without returning.
May you melt off the earth like snow off the ditch!

(Thank you Ireland for all you taught me) 

Noah's Mom

Bring it on Medicaid I'm ready for round two. 

On the other complicated homefront,  our van was rear-ended at a drive-thru.   The lady behind us said she was digging for money in her purse and got confused and hit the gas instead of the break.   To say the least the family is okay, the van has a crushed rear end and some scrapes and scratches.   She couldn't produce an insurance card, but gave us her name and address and the name of who she said insures her, and we took down her license plate number just in case.  We made the decision to go through our insurance and have them pursue a refund on our deductible in subrogation to cut down on the process, the need for an appraiser and to streamline things if we need a rental while it's being fixed.  We rather blindly picked an auto body shop that was the closest to home that had the best reviews online.  And when I spoke to them today they were so kind and reassuring, so I'm hopeful this will all work out with time.

Ideally, we know our van is on limited days but we will likely need it for trade in value someday to get Noah a handicapped accessible van.  They start as many know, used for around $35,000.   Even with a trade in, it's something we can't do at this time, so we continue to limp along with the van we have.  

And I was reminded we weren't in the land of kindness anymore when I went to order Luke's birthday cake at a local bakery and was confronted by a lady who tried to move Noah's wheelchair because she felt he was in the way,  and then we realized not only was she rude in person but also in courtesy as she blocked my van so I couldn't load Noah's wheelchair. 

We also were notified that Noah's hippotherapist is leaving the riding center and they have no plans on replacing her.  Which leaves Noah without a Saturday spot.  Noah has been offered a spot to do hippotherapy at this therapist's home, but we are worried it will be a longer drive, and no indoor arena.  We also have concerns if there would be enough volunteers to assist Noah with hippotherapy at a private residence.  We hope to take a tour to see if it would work at her home, but it's all just complicated timing for us to make a decision so fast on what to do next.  In fact I feel a bit overwhelmed just thinking about it. 

Praying for a better week ahead, was a rough first week back home.


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